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Neteller eSport Betting Sites | Esport Betting with Neteller

Neteller is one of the most popular payment options for gambling on the Internet. It belongs to the eWallets, the electronic purses, which can be found several times worldwide. Here we explain the possibilities that Neteller offers, briefly introduce the company and its functionality and also show how you can bet with Neteller. And here we focus on the eSports sector.

Esport Betting Sites That accept Neteller

In our test the majority of bookmakers have already accepted the Neteller service, but here are our top 5 bookmakers who accept Netter as a payment method:

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Is it possible to bet on eSport betting with Neteller?

Yes, of course you can bet on eSport bets with Neteller credit. More and more bookmakers are jumping on the Neteller train and include Neteller in their repertoire. The on-line assets map secured itself in the last years its completely special niche and this with special advantages regarding bets in particular. Neteller addresses itself differently than the Paysafecard more at dynamic transaction use, thus Neteller can be used both for stock exchange papers, and for simple micro transactions for the on-line Game of the choice, or evenly also eSport bets.

Neteller is, like PayPal or Skrill, a financial service of the latest generation. The idea behind its creation is a simple one: to enable private users and companies alike to handle money flows on the Internet. And in such a way that neither the speed nor the security suffer. Because nothing is more fatal than a loss of data when it comes to transactions. Neteller sees itself as an electronic purse. As a customer, you create a Neteller account, establish a connection to the actual bank to which funds can be transferred, or link the account to your own credit card, which can be used to make transactions in both directions. Setting up the Neteller account is as easy as matching it with an alternative bank account. The prerequisite for both is that you are of legal age and have a credit card or bank account.

In today's Neteller eSport betting payment methods review, we want to introduce you to the new (old) payment method. We also put Neteller through its paces to determine its viability as a payment method for eSport betting. In the following, we will also address the all-important question – can you bet on eSports betting with Neteller?

How can I bet on eSport betting with Neteller?

  • Registering for a Neteller account is quick and easy For our Neteller eSport betting payment method review, we will go through the registration process step by step to clear up any ambiguities.
  • Click here to go to the official Neteller homepage where you can register for a customer account. The Join button takes you to the registration page.
    In the next step every user has to create an account to use the service.
  • The third step is to enter your login details and keep your Neteller Secure ID in a safe place.
  • The registration is complete. Now you can already log in to your Neteller account. You can also transfer funds from your bank account to your Neteller account.
  • Done! The account is ready to use and can already be used on the bookmakers‘ pages under payment methods. We wish you good luck with your first eSport bet!
  • Note: An important note refers to the applicable laws of the respective country. Neteller will ask the user if he wants to use his account balance for „purposes of gambling“. If this function is denied, the credit (money) cannot be used for betting. However, this will happen automatically, so there is no need to act independently and possibly no notification will appear (by country).

Neteller eSport Betting Payment Method Review | What about cost efficiency?

Neteller is the payment method high flyer when it comes to eSport betting. The manufacturer does not promise any fees for deposits and withdrawals to the credit account. In addition, the transactions are instant bank transfers, so the balances (whether plus or minus) are accounted for instantly. Only the disbursement from the Neteller account to the house bank account takes about 1 working day, but is also free. This applies to the Euro, since in other currencies and countries the processing time can be significantly higher. In summary, it can be said that from the efficiency perspective, not much negative speaks against Neteller.

Neteller deposit & withdrawal? Yes, you can!

Yes! this is where the great benefits of the innovative Neteller service come into play. Neteller is in this sense a fully functional account, which can be used for bilateral deposits and withdrawals (i.e. eSport betting and bookmakers‘ eSport betting withdrawal). In addition one can transfer the money in the consequence also on its own account. Thus the power spectrum is however not yet used up for a long time, because Neteller offers in addition a user Shifting, in which by E-Mail to other users Neteller assets can be sent away.

What positively surprised us at is the new function of a Neteller customer card. It comes in the form of a Mastercard credit card, which in principle comes with the same functions as a Mastercard. The only difference is that you can withdraw money from your Neteller account instead of from your bank account. As mentioned above, the only disadvantage seems to us that the transaction from the Neteller account to your home bank account can take 1-2 business days. In conclusion, Neteller has many advantages and negligible disadvantages!

Conclusion Neteller eSport Betting Review

Neteller seems to unite everything that is expected from a payment medium for eSports betting. It stands as „straw man“ between the own account and that of the bookmakers. Neteller is safe and it can also be used for eSport bets payout (i.e. profit distribution) of the bookmakers. The editorship of is sure that Neteller is at present the best means of payment on the market and recommends to all readers a use to consider. We hope you enjoyed our Neteller eSport betting payment methods review!

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