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Starladder Announces Counter-Strike Return

In the dynamic world of esports, particularly within the realm of Counter-Strike, the tournament landscape is set for an exciting shift with the reintroduction of a familiar name. StarLadder, a seasoned organizer known for its high-caliber events, has signaled its comeback with a roster of new tournaments slated to span the two years of 2025 and 2026. This move aligns with a shifting tide in competitive Counter-Strike, where organizations like PGL have also been stepping up to enhance the circuit following significant events such as the Copenhagen Major.

The decision by StarLadder to re-enter the Counter-Strike esports arena is a testament to the enduring appeal and growing momentum within the game's competitive scene. The announcement of these forthcoming events marks a keenly anticipated return to form and promises to add a wealth of exciting matchups and storytelling to the Counter-Strike esports narrative. Fans and players alike are looking forward to the new dynamics that these tournaments will inevitably introduce to the professional field.

StarLadder's Revival in the Counter-Strike Arena

In 2025, StarLadder is slated to reclaim its position in the Counter-Strike competitive scene. They've indicated this resurgence is driven by new licensing structures for Counter-Strike 2 and aim to conduct a slew of tournaments through 2025 and 2026. Their plan includes reigniting the well-known StarSeries, though the naming conventions of future events remain under wraps.

Key Points:

  • Re-emergence: From hiatus to the limelight, StarLadder gears up for hosting substantial events once more.
  • Motivation: A pivot in Counter-Strike 2’s licensing requirements sparks their return.
  • Expectations: The community prepares for the potential revival of their StarSeries brand.
  • Past Credentials: Renowned for its involvement, StarLadder has hosted 18 i-League and StarSeries seasons since 2012, concluding in 2019.

The tournament organizer boasts a rich history of managing diverse esports competitions. They have articulated a belief that an expanding roster of professional teams is representative of a new chapter in esports. With an increased tournament count anticipated under the Counter-Strike 2 framework, the competitive landscape is expected to evolve.

Upcoming StarLadder Tournament Dates

StarLadder, the Ukrainian esports organization, is set to host a series of competitive Counter-Strike engagements. Upcoming StarSeries tournament schedules are as follows:

  • Season 19: May 26 – June 1, 2025
  • Season 20: September 12 – September 21, 2025
  • Season 21: May 25 – May 31, 2026
  • Season 22: September 11 – September 20, 2026

These events mark StarLadder's re-entry into the Counter-Strike arena following industry-wide shifts due to regulatory actions by Valve. The landscape of esports tournaments is expanding, especially with new tournament announcements from PGL that promise eleven additional CS2 competitions over the same two-year period.

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