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Team Liquid Secures First Playoff Spot

Team Liquid's recent composition, pieced together with the singular aim of clinching titles, has shown their potential at IEM Chengdu. With pivotal wins against HEROIC and G2 during the tournament's first day, they not only showcased their strengths but also secured a spot in the playoffs. The string of wins carried particular weight for the team, marking the most significant achievement for Liquid in CS2 since the notable additions of Casper „cadiaN“ Møller, Russel „Twistzz“ Van Dunkel, Felipe „skullz“ Medeiros to the roster, coupled with the return of Wilton „zews“ Prado to the coaching spot.

Facing an early challenge in their journey, Liquid's lineup navigated the pressures of a missed qualification for the PGL Copenhagen Major. Yet, their success in reaching the playoffs of the high-stakes event in Chengdu indicated a turning of tides, easing the pressure and presenting the team with their inaugural opportunity to claim a tournament win in the year. This achievement demonstrated their ability to capitalize on their opportunities, further advancing their narrative as a formidable contender in the competitive CS2 arena.

Factors Contributing to Team Liquid's Enhanced Performance at IEM Chengdu

Team Liquid's progression to the playoffs at IEM Chengdu can be traced to a blend of factors, which collectively contributed to their improved performance. Notably, the team's energy levels and dynamics showed a significant uptick during the event. Key players including CadiaNTwistzz, and YEKINDAR exuded enthusiasm, which was evident from their vocal celebrations after clinching rounds.

During the matches against teams such as HEROIC and G2, Team Liquid's successes weren't solely based on dominating specific sides or unmatched fragging by all members. Instead, their collective spirit and the evidently positive atmosphere played a pivotal role. The shift in the team's morale was highlighted by Twistzz in a post-match dialogue when he acknowledged the uplifted spirits of the team following a period of dedicated online practice and personal contentment among players. This rejuvenated approach, kindled by a second chance at the competition, was instrumental in fostering their readiness and drive, allowing them to capitalize on this renewed opportunity with vigor.

Twistzz Excels in Fragger Role

Russel „Twistzz“ Van Dulken stands out among his peers on Team Liquid with an impressive 1.41 HLTV rating, leading the charge into the playoffs. His admirable consistency and skill have earned him a remarkable kill to death differential at a lofty +33, the highest seen in the tournament. Keith „NAF“ Markovic effortlessly follows, demonstrating strategic prowess particularly notable during a clutch one-vs-two on Inferno, and upholds a solid 1.28 HLTV rating, reinforcing Team Liquid’s formidable presence in the competition.

Liquid's Path Forward at IEM Chengdu

Upcoming Match:

  • Date & Time: April 10, 4:30 a.m. PST
  • Opponents: Winner of FURIA vs. MOUZ


  • Semifinals Entry: A victory secures a spot in the semifinals.
  • Prize Pool: Part of a $250,000 competition.

Preparation Period:

  • Current Status: Secured a playoff position on day one.
  • Rest & Strategy: Two days to strategize and recuperate before the quarterfinals.
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