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Esports Betting Apps

The demand for on demand betting is now greater than ever, with bookies having to ensure that their mobile platforms are efficient and packed full of features. For gaming fans who are constantly on the move, Esports betting apps are likely to be of interest. Esports betting apps are now readily available, with iOS, Android and Windows users being just a download away from getting involved. So, if you are looking to bet on CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and more using your mobile device, be sure to check out our favourite Esports betting apps below. This page will also outline just why Esports betting apps have become so popular, along with how to best use them.

The Best Esports Betting Apps of 2022

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What is an Esports Betting App?

Dedicated betting apps have revolutionised the way in which bets are placed on a number of events, with Esports being no different. Both traditional bookmakers and dedicated Esports betting organisations now offer apps for fans of competitive gaming, which are available to iOS, Android and Windows users in most cases. Esports betting apps offer a convenient and efficient platform to bet on, with markets and additional features being available at your fingertips, whether it be on your phone or tablet.

How We Rank Esports Betting Apps

With an increasing number of Esports betting apps become available to punters based around the world, it is important to separate the best from the rest. With a huge amount of experience in both the betting and gaming industries, our experts take into account a host of factors when ranking Esports betting apps, with the following being among the most important:

  • Safety & Reliability – When operating online, safety should be the no.1 priority. Esports betting apps are no different, with all of our suggested platforms being licensed and regulated by reliable gambling authorities. On top of this, features such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and firewalls help to keep your personal details and financial information secure.
  • Markets – The coverage found at Esports betting apps is important too, with the top platforms offering markets surrounding games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch etc. Meanwhile, it is not just the winner of an individual match which can be bet on, with map, skin and outright markets being available too.
  • Usability – Esports betting apps must be easy to use! Developers can work hard in order to offer a host of markets, features and bonuses, however if such options are difficult to access on your mobile device, this is almost a waste of time. So, be sure to look at the design of an app before signing up, considering how quick and easy it is to move between pages.
  • Features – Touch ID log in, cash out, live streaming and live chat support are some of the latest features to be found on the best Esports betting apps, which add to the user experience for users. While they are not essential, many punters have got used to them by now, meaning it is a surprise when they are not found.

How to Place Bets on Esports Betting Apps

In most cases, backing your favourite organisations, teams and players on an Esports betting app is relatively simple. The following is a step by step guide concerning how punters can do so:

  1. Select Your Preferred Bookie – Once you have decided that you wish to start placing bets on Esports events, it is time to choose from the list of available bookmakers. While this will depend on your location, it is likely that a variety are likely to be on offer, each coming with their own benefits.
  2. Sign Up – Having made your decision, the next step is to register an account. Click on the relevant link and complete the necessary details, which may also involve creating a username and password. The sign up process can be completed on both desktop and mobile devices.
  3. Deposit – Before you can place your first bet, an opening deposit must be processed. Most bookies will offer a variety of payment methods, whether it be a bank card, eWallet, cryptocurrency or bank wire. Be sure to take into account any potential welcome offer at this point too.
  4. App vs Browser – Deciding whether to take advantage of an Esports betting app or access markets via your mobile browser is a common question in which punters ask themselves. If you choose to go with an app, head to the App Store, Google Play Store of mobile site of the bookie in order to get started.
  5. Bet – Once steps 1-4 are complete, you will be in a position to start placing Esports bets.

Android Esports Betting Apps

Android users potentially have an advantage over iOS customers when it comes to Esports betting apps, due to the fact that they are often available to download through the website of the bookie itself. Links are also potentially found via a search in the Google Play Store, with users having to allow non-market apps before starting the process. Those based in countries including the UK and Australia are likely to find a host of Android Esports betting apps.

iOS Esports Betting Apps

Those using Apple devices must access Esports betting apps via the App Store, however this should not put punters off. The process is still a very easy one, with any respected bookie having to cater for iOS customers, given how widely used they are today. You will only find Esports betting apps via the App Store if you live in a country where betting is legal, such as the UK and Australia, with those living in Dubai not having access.

Web-Based Esports Betting Apps

It is also possible to create a shortcut to the mobile version of an Esports betting site, perfect for those who do not wish to or do not have enough space left on their device to download another app. Such platforms are commonly known as web apps, with the only difference being that no additional software is needed.

Which Games Can Be Found on Esports Betting Apps?

No matter what type of gaming it is that you enjoy, whether you are a fan of first-person shooters, battle royale or sports titles, you are more than likely to find something to suit your needs at Esports betting apps. The number of Esports games covered by bookies today has increased significantly, with the following being among the most popular titles to bet on:

Esport Games

How to Deposit Funds on Esports Betting Apps

There are variety of payment methods available to punters on Esports betting apps today, which generally make depositing funds quick and convenient. The total number of options in this area will again depend on your location, with credit cards having recently been banned for gambling purposes in the UK, for example. However, punters will generally be able to choose between bank cards, eWallet’s, Bank Wire, Pay By Phone and a host of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Be sure to take into account any fees that may be involved, which may crop up when looking to withdraw winnings.

Pros & Cons of Esports Betting Apps

If you are still not convinced by what Esports betting apps have to offer, let’s take a closer look at some of the main pros and cons of such platforms:

Convenient – Esports betting apps make it easy for punters to back their favourite teams and players when on the go. Users can check the odds at their convenience, before deciding when and how to bet.

Features – Esports betting apps are likely to come with features such as live streaming, cash out and Touch ID log in, making operating on them a piece of cake.

Promotions – Some Esports betting apps will introduce promotions that are available only to mobile customers. While such offers are rare, they are well worth utilising where possible.

Fees – Esports betting apps are free to download, with punters gaining access to a host of markets and features without any additional cost.


Responsible Gambling – Due to the fact that markets can be accessed in a matter of seconds through Esports betting apps, it can be easy to lose control of your spending. We recommend setting yourself a deposit limit upon signing up, a feature which is available with most bookies today.

Esports Betting Apps FAQ

When did Esports betting apps first become available?

Esports betting apps date back to around 2007, with a large number of platforms having followed over the years. This is now the preferred method of betting for many punters and gamers.


Are Esports betting apps free to download?

Yes! The best bookies do not charge any fee when it comes to downloading Esports betting apps, which will come as music to the ears of potential users.


What devices are Esports betting apps available on?

Generally, both iOS and Android device users will be in a position to download Esports betting apps. However, Windows customers will also sometimes find an app for them too. For times when an Esports betting app is not available, punters can use their mobile browser instead.


Are Esports betting apps legal?

Esports betting laws differ from country to country. Those in the UK and Australia are legally allowed to place bets on Esports events, while in the US it is banned. So, be sure to check with the regulations of your country beforehand.


Can I deposit money using PayPal on Esports betting apps?

A large number of the available Esports betting apps now accept both deposits and withdrawals through PayPal. Other EWallet’s, such as Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard, are also available on most apps.


Do Esports betting apps offer bonuses?

Punters are likely to find a welcome bonus upon signing up on an Esports betting app, while ongoing promotions may also be found from time to time.


Do Esports betting apps offer quick payouts?

Withdrawing winnings at Esports betting apps can take anywhere between 1-10 days, depending on the method of banking selected. However, with the best bookies, there will be no frustrating waits to get your hands on earnings made.


Bottom Line on Esports Betting Apps

If you are serious about Esports betting then you may well wish to consider downloading an app from one of the leading bookie in the industry. The Esports betting apps recommended on this page are packed full of markets and features, whilst also being nothing but secure and efficient too. Don’t just take our word for it however. Be sure to check them out for yourself, with Esports betting apps being compatible with an increasing number of mobile devices.

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