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Esport Betting Tips – The biggest Esport Tournaments to bet on

You should give a list so that you can give it without any further order. All five points on this list are equally important to think about. This is not a prioritizing order.

Go research. Put old things on something you don't want to do. You can read about experts and see what they have for tips. The best thing is to think after you have chosen and put your own conclusions. It is also best to do this when you have done your pens. It is not always right to put a longer peng on what is said elsewhere.

Hitta spelvärda object. It is not necessary to be the first to get the best odds on the match you want to play. There are often better odds on other things. It may be that the first hit was the best, but it always is.

Comparison of the spelsajter. If you only want to play vinnarspel on a photofinishing machine, there is no need to compare so many things. You can certainly use one of the more important parts for a good output. However, if you want to hit some lite „rolière“ wheels and higher odds, you should compare them.

Spelae on hemmalag. Something that has been noticed in the bedding of street sports is that the hemmalage is often the most common. If you publish such a cover in photo paper over 65% of their inhibitors. If you start to use other covers and sheets when the mats are still on, they will contain more than 85% of their inhibitors. However, these are not always as high in these mats. But with good research and comparison of these things, you can achieve a good level of performance in these mats.

Choose long. Spel aldrig for more than 5% of the total amount of spelkassa on an individual basis. You have to tank longish and build up the sink. At the beginning of the year, you can add a second one, but in time with the casino to increase the size of the bed as well. 5% of the casino can be $20, but also $500.

CS:GO Tournaments

BLAST Prime Minister

BLAST Pro Series is a turn in CS:GO that is arranged for the best CS bobbins and layers below. The latest round was held in Bahrain in December 2019 in a competition that Astralis was leading Team Liquid. Swedish ninjas in pyjamas come in third place, with the FaZe Clan taking four. Vinnaren fucks $350,000 while two of them fuck with $80,000.

By 2020, however, the BLAST Pro Series will have been replaced with the BLAST Premier concept, which will mainly be used in North America and Europe. The series is divided into two series, four and five series. Each series will run for approximately four months and will be concluded with a final production run. Vinnaren will be directly qualified for the global final at the end of the year.


This is being arranged by Beyond The Summit, a company based in Los Angeles. Beyond The Summit has chosen to arrange a total of five events since its launch in 2017, with a price tag of $150,000, but despite high volume, it has not attracted the absolute elite. Mousesports when the latest cs_summit with G2 Esports comes two years before trean OG.

ESEA Premiers AU

ESEA-ligan is an e-sports activity that is arranged over large parts of the world. It was created by the E-sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) and therefore has a name on the market. It is a case of having an anti-fusk software built in that allows all types of games to be played at different levels. ESEA Premier AU is the Australian version that sits on the blue chip price tag of $10,000, which is located each year between mid-Januari and mid-Mars, when 18 lag ratings are validated and the two best ones go further to the end of the line. In the latest edition of this booklet you will find the order of the layers.

ESEA Prime Minister EU

ESEA Premier EU is the name that might be left behind when it comes to the European league of ESEA. It has the same format as the Australian one, i.e. it is 18 laws that are validated. However, the price quotation is a little higher with $35,000 grants on the best law. The same law applies to the final part of the race, which consists of the final, semi-final and final rounds. The most active students are forZe and HAVU Gaming is coming in two. Tävlingen is arranged from the middle of January until the start of April.

ESEA Prime Minister NA

ESEA Premier North America has precis that other companies in the series are sponsored by Mountain Dew. This team also has a prize pool of $35,000 dollars where vinnar gets half of the prize money. Vinnaren was the latest Riot Squad Esports with INTZ, and Triumph has two and three respectively. ESEA Premier is a minority of the biggest or most successful tournaments in the world's most important laws that affect the global community.

GameAgents League

Another minor turn on the list is the GameAgents League, which takes place every year in a dry month from March to April. It is Europe that is the value of the network's networked communities. The average price of $3000 in prices is a majority of the total price of $5000. The law is divided into two different groups. Where double elemination bracket and in the latest competition was the team Dignitas that succeeded with the intention to win. This was followed by Gamers2 and Copenhagen Wolves. Four come to Team Orbit. Turneringen also has a „League 2“ with high prices of $25,000, which will be available in twelve days from August to November, and of course FlipSid3 Tactics for Esports Club.

UCC Summer Smash

UCC is the arranger for this minor tour with a total prize pool of $30,000. The league is available from the beginning of May to the beginning of June for a dry month. LOOT.BET is the sponsor of an event that has 20 members. 16 of these will be transferred to the group, but where the law will be eliminated. Another 8 may be added and may be sold at the end of four special offers. After that, Double-Elimination Bracket is expected where the owner of the whole gymnasium will receive $18,000 in price tags. Two can go for $7,500, while three can go for $3,000. UCC Summer Smash has a very strong appeal but does not have the same status as many other CS:GO gymnastics.

Dota 2 Tournaments


ESL One, which is the successor to ESL Major Series One, is a tournament arranged by the Electronic Sports League. The content and space of the whole world is used in a tournament in sports that is not similar to any other. The content of the game, which is called Dota 2, but also CS:GO and Battlefield four times, is placed above all other areas of the world. The first of the stacks was in Frankfurt in 2014, and since then the success has continued. A total of $300,000 is in the price range, and the closest share is in Los Angeles between 20-22 mars. Ifjol also owned the first Dota 2-eventet in India, where Keen Gaming licked $135,000 after owning Mineski in the final in Mumbai.

MDL Disneyland Paris Major

MDL is best known for arranging the tours in Kina, but now the borders of Kina will be outside. If so, Disneyland Paris Event Group MDL is the first choice. MDL Disneyland Paris Major was the fjärde major gymnastics of 2018/19 of the Dota Pro Circuit. The 16th law was qualified for the tournament scheduled for May 2019, which was held after the concept of double elimination, where the four last days of the competition were given to a live public. Where the law was divided into a few and a half, where the other law is best of 3 matches, while the others are best of 1. In the final is best of 5 that apply. Team Secret won the big prize money of $350,000 for Team Liquid, who won the silver and $170,000.

Other ligors

There are several times a year in the 2nd MDL named above, which has several times a year. In 2019, MDL was arranged in Macau for the Paris branch, which will also be in 2018, and there are many newspapers as chosen by professional amateurs. The skill of the status is that amateur gymnasts who do not have any prices as a rule, while the professional ligors both use the direct route at the same time as there is a price to pay. Some of the major tournaments in 2019 are Starladder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3, OGA Dota PIT Minor 2020, WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon and World Cyber Games 2020

League of Legends Tournaments

Mid-Season Invitational

The Mid-Season Invitational or MSI that is used is a yearly tournament in the popular League of Legends popular speleches arranged by Riot Games since 2015 and is used as the most important tournament in the League of Legends after the World Championship that is number one. The tournament has been arranged over the whole world. 2015 was the debut in Tallahassee, USA for the year after Shanghai. Since then, there have been at least two values that have been jointly agreed upon. 2019 was in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi and Taipei that were the values. Then G2 Esports after having won against Team Liquid in the final.

Others ligor

The League of Legends has a five regional ligor in the form of LEC, LCS, LCK, LMS, LPL. These names are called Spring Split Champions and are the five major players in the League of Legends. The members of these different divisions are also the ones who are invited to the Mid-Season Invitational. There are five different divisions in particular where the highest is Challenger. For players who are near level 30 and have 16 or more, there is the possibility to play matches. It is difficult to be GrandMaster, which only licks 0.03% of all participants.

NBA 2K League Tournaments

The NBA 2K League or 2K League is an athletic league that is emerging as a collaboration between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive. The League has been in existence since 2017 and all matches are streamed on Twitch, which is rapidly acquiring rights to the game. Ligan pågår each veckka under 15 veckers where the 12 first ones are veckovis for matches before the three last veckers involve turns and swaps. All of them play at least 19 matches including 14 basic series matches before the final match. In the final finals there is a single shift with semifinals and the final is made up of three matches. There is a total of $600,000 in prices, half of which goes to vinnaren.

Overwatch Tournaments

Contenders CN

Overwatch Contenders in China is a major turning point in the monitoring and monitoring process. There are several different kinds of content arranged for each of these events, where those in China and Korea are the most prestigious. The league will run for approximately two months from the middle of November to the middle of January. There is a total of 12 laws, which is divided into price points as low as $185,040. The venue for the event is Guangzhou in China at the Asian Games Town High School and it is Blizzard and NetEase CC who are arranging the event.

Contenders KR

In parallel with the kinesic motive variety, Overwatch Contenders KR in Korea's capital Seoul. The price is set at the same amount as in China, i.e. $185,040 and the largest part of the blocked runway after the start of the tournament. 12 law may be shared in this division, which is also arranged in West and East North America, in South America, Australia, Europe and the Pacific, in addition to China and Korea.


OWL stands for Overwatch League and is arranged every year by Blizzard Entertainment and is a professional esport league for Overwatch. Ligan is considered the first „righteous global professional e-sports league“ in the world and contains the essence of the world. There is a total of 22 laws that belong to the league where there are prices to be collected. The price quotation for 2019 was $5,000,000.

Rainbow 6 Tournaments

Pro League Finalist

The Rainbow Six Pro League is the most prestigious event that will be part of the Rainbow Six, the classic game that will continue to run in the world. You are in your eleventh season of the league, which contains the best laws from North America, South America, Europe and APAC, which will be launched in each region. It is Ubisoft and ESL who are arranging this tour, which has become more and more popular for each year that has passed and will continue to do so as Rainbow 6 continues to grow. There is just a big hype about Rainbow 6, even though the price tag of $290,000 per tv is not a huge amount compared to several of the other alternatives that are available.

Rocket League

Renegade Cup EU

Renegade Cup EU or Mästerskapsserien EU is a series of four monthly tournaments in Europe from October to January arranged by different organizers. The participants will lead to the final round, which will be held in February and will be organized by Psyonix according to a postal system. The price range is $20,000, with the vinnar raising $6,000 of that amount, while two of those may be half of a sum that will be rewarded with a Savage! There are 12 positions that may be included in the final round, where you will receive the four veins from the monthly gymnastics tournaments and one position from the pole ranking.

Renegade Cup NA

The american version has the same design as the european one, i.e. four different gymnastic events between october and januari before the final competitions in february. The price tag is the same, i.e. $20,000, and the competition is also calculated as a major. The position of the last successful bidding was the one that was placed by Sway eSports, The Peeps and Upper 90 Esports. Of the 12 laws, all participants from the place of 5-12 $1000 with trean and fyran are entitled to $1500. It is a great prestige that this tournament is part of the Rocket League – a factor that will continue to clarify the situation on the racetracks.

Starcraft 2 Tournaments

Global Starcraft II League

Afreeca TV and Blizzard Entertainment are the main sponsors of the Global Starcraft II League, in which the dry-cleaning company Mountain Dew is the main sponsor. 32 languages are available for the title and the tournament to be arranged in Syd Korea's main city, Seoul. It was also from Syd Korea that they came, the fact is that all those who had come came up to 4 from the country. When Rogue was born, it followed Trap, Dark and Maru. When it comes to Starcraft II, the Global Starcraft II League will be the most prestigious division. Many fanatics are taking part in the event that the starting line up in the summer when it is arranged in June.

Other ligors

The ligor i Starcraft II. Afreeca TV that is part of the Global Starcraft II League is also arranging the AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament. There is also WCS, GSL vs the World and World Electronic Sports Games. A common mention is that the majority of all evenings are arranged just in Seoul, even if there is a part of WCS in Kiev, World Electronic Sports Games in Chongqing, Kina and WCS Winter in Burbank, California.

Hearthstone Tournaments

Precis as with Starcraft 2 is the same Blizzard that has been successively released to Hearthstone. There are four large turneries that have been around a lot each year, and these are the ones that we will be talking about below.

HS Masters Tour 2020

I Heartstone is the third member of the Masters Tour. The first division is located in Arlington, Texas. The use of this will be halted at the end of January for a few days in February. In Potten, a total price of $250,000 has been agreed between the eleven final tenants, where the vinnar has a total of $22,000 + $32,500 from crowd funding, depending on where they place the best eleven, as well as reducing crowd funding. The matches in the group are played in five matches and the total number of matches is about 300 people. The best matches from the group view are moved to the final view.

In the end section, there is a knock-out system where the vinnar in the bottom of five mats can be moved to the next entrance. All matches are made in the form of a game contest.

The other split in Los Angeles was between 20/3 and 22/3. The price for the same amount of money as the split in Arlington, $250,000, was also divided between the pot on the eleven best-placed outlets and group outlets, and the final price was determined in the same way as in Arlington. The final division is made in Sweden and Jönköping. The start date is 12/6 and will be from 14/6. Precisely the same amount of money has been raised as in the previous divisions with an interest sum of $250,000, which is divided equally between the eleven best placed divisions. Both the group prospectus and the final prospectus have the same amount of money as the preceding members of the community.

Hearthstone World Championship

Annual global warming will go down in stacks at the most when Blizzard has its annual BlizzCon. The date is not set, but it is the date when the pile will go around. The current tour, which is seven in order, will be held in Anaheim, California. The price quotation is $500,000 and the mastership is between the two best parts of the world. The two best parts from Europe, USA, Asia and China will be participating in the tournament. It starts with a group track where the tracks are divided into four groups with two tracks in each group, where the tracks from the mats‘ meetings are changing and the losses are changing.

Depending on the number of pairs that are next to the final game, the knock-out is the one between the four pairs that are to be used in the semifinal. All matches in the best of the fifth reigning mast are VKLiooon from Kina då hon vann mästerskapet 2019.

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