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Esports Free Bets

No matter what betting markets you are taking advantage of online, free bets are always greatly appreciated. This is perhaps even more so the case when it comes to Esports, due to the competitive nature of the scene. However, free bets are generally only worthwhile if they come with realistic terms and conditions, which is why our experts deliver nothing but the best offers on this page. So, whether you are looking to back your favourite teams when it comes to CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 or other titles, be sure to check out the Esports free bets available with leading operators today.

List of Esports Betting Sites with Free Bets

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What is an Esports Free Bet?

Despite Esports still being a relatively new market with many bookies and operators, this does not mean that promotions surrounding the competitive video gaming scene are not available. An Esports free bet today comes in a variety of formats, however it generally involves punters being awarded with a specific amount of money, which can then be used on certain markets. In most cases, betting customers will be allowed to keep any winnings made, while the stake will be kept by the operator.

There are also other conditions to look out for, such as maximum winnings and wagering requirements, something which we will outline in greater detail later on. Esports free bets are available to both new and existing customers, awarded because of a qualifying deposit or bet, or simply to loyal members. Meanwhile, some free bets will be specific to Esports, while others will be more generic.

Esports Free Bets Terms & Conditions

  1. Wagering Requirements – Unlike bonuses, free bets available with Esports operators are unlikely to come with any wagering requirements. This means that any winnings made can be withdrawn immediately, rather than earnings having to be turned over a particular number of times beforehand.
  2. Minimum Odds – It is possible that there will be minimum odds requirements when it comes to both qualifying for free bets and using free bet funds. The actual price will differ between operators, however it will mean that punters cannot simply use free bets on the overwhelming favourites in markets such as CS:GO and League of Legends.
  3. Markets – Free bets available with traditional bookies are unlikely to be specific to Esports. However, they will ideally still be available to use on Esports markets, with some operators setting specific terms and conditions in this area too.
  4. Maximum Winnings – it is almost certain that there will be a maximum amount in terms of what punters can earn from a free bet. This could be anywhere from £/$10 to £/$100, so be sure to check this out beforehand too.
  5. Time Limit – Free bet tokens are likely to be available for a certain amount of time too, which is likely to be around 7 days.

Types of Esports Free Bets

Esports free bet come in variety of formats online today, however it is likely that punters will be in a position to take advantage of the following offers:

  • Matched Deposit – Undoubtedly the most common type of Esports free bet is a matched deposit free bet. Here, as the name suggests, punters will see their deposit matched by the bookie, up to a certain amount. Available to new and existing customers, it is likely that deposits must be equal to or over a set amount too.
  • Sign Up – Whether it be through an opening deposit or qualifying bet, sign up free bet offers are the most common for Esports punters online today. As a result, it can be worth signing up with more than one operator.
  • No Deposit – Despite being hard to come by today, no deposit free bet offers are well worth taking advantage of when available. Here, punters will receive a free bet simply for signing up on a particular site, with no qualifying deposit or stake being required.

In which Countries Can Customers Claim Esports Free Bets?

Esports free bets will only be available to you if you live in a country in which the particular bookie is licensed and regulated to operate in. Those living in the UK looking to claim a free bet must look for a license from the Gambling Commission, who help to ensure that such offers are fair in terms of the qualifying and wagering terms set. Meanwhile, those in the United States must consider the gambling laws in their state, with each having its own legislation when it comes to betting, even on Esports. Elsewhere, Australia has recently outlawed free bets, meaning that operators there are unable to introduce such offers, whether it be to new or existing customers. This is due to issues surrounding irresponsible gambling.

How to Make the Most of an Esports Free Bet?

While free bets are never to be dismissed, it is generally recommended to take advantage of such offers around the time of major Esports events. Whether it be The International or League of Legends World Championship, free bets claimed here will provide a large number of opportunities to meet the wagering requirements, whilst also meaning that you are not taking random punts because of the lack of action taking place.

With many free bets having to be used in full within just 7 days, it is also important to not waste funds by betting on regional Esports tournaments where you have relatively little knowledge of those competing. Meanwhile, Esports free bets may be a good time to steer away from your normal strategy, whether it be focusing on a different video game title or targeting live markets. Whatever decision you make, the same principles still apply, so be sure to thoroughly research markets before staking with your free bet.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Esports Free Bets

Free bets are hugely popular for punters, however there are both benefits and limitations to consider surrounding such offers. The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of Esports free bets:

  • Risk Free – Free bets are often viewed as being risk free, given the fact that you are not using your hard-earned cash to wager. Meanwhile, for those receiving a free bet after signing up with an operator, it provides a form of insurance on opening bets.
  • Platform – Those who are successful when wagering using free bets are likely to give themselves a good platform to build upon. This can potentially kick start a run of wins, which add up to bring about some significant earnings.
  • Availability – Esports free bets are becoming increasingly common, with both new and existing customers being able to get involved. Almost all Esports betting sites will now offer some form of free bet, so finding them is no longer an issue for punters.
  • Ease of Use – Unlike bonuses and other promotions found at Esports betting sites, free bets are likely to be very easy to understand, with the only terms and conditions being surrounding minimum odds, time limits, maximum winnings and available markets in most cases.
  • Rewards – The potential rewards surrounding free bets are not as great as with other promotions, including welcome bonuses, with winnings often being capped at a relatively low amount. Maximum winnings of up to $100 is the standard, while bonuses offer punters the opportunity to win hundreds.
  • More Betting – Both claiming and using Esports free bets means that more bets must be placed. While this is all well and good when winning, it can lead to punters becoming irresponsible when looking to make up for losses.
  • T&C’s – While they are not as strict as those surrounding bonuses, free bets do still come with strings attached in terms of their terms and conditions. Our recommended Esports free bets are generally fair and realistic, with little or no wagering requirements being involved.

Bottom Line on Esports Free Bets

Almost all Esports betting sites now offer some form of free bet, and while they may not be perfect in terms of their potential rewards and terms and conditions, they are generally well worth taking advantage of. A qualifying deposit or bet is required to qualify in most cases, while they are awarded to existing customers who wager consistently. They can provide an excellent platform to build upon, while also allowing punters to bet differently than they normally would, with the only limitations surrounding their small rewards and potential strict conditions. So, be sure to check out are recommended free bet Esports offers on this page, which come from only reputable and legal operators.

Free Bets – FAQs

Are Esports free bets really free?

This depends on the format of the free bet offer. In most cases, free bets are claimed after placing a qualifying bet or processing a deposit equal to or above a set amount. However, they are also available to punters as a reward for their loyalty. Free bets can often appear to be random in their distribution.


Can I keep the stake from an Esports free bet?

In most cases, no. The majority of Esports betting sites will state in their terms and conditions that only winnings made from free bets will be withdrawable, with the sake being returned. Punters should keep this in mind when placing bets.


Can I win an Esports free bet when depositing via an eWallet?

Yes. While this will depend on the operator, most Esports free bets can be claimed when depositing using an eWallet, whether it be PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or others. However, be sure to look at the specific free bet terms and conditions before looking to take advantage.


Are Esports free bets available to mobile customers?

Yes. It should not matter whether you are operating on desktop or mobile, with Esports free bets being available to both types of customer. As such, free bets can be claimed anywhere, at any time.


Can I exchange my Esports free bet for cash?

No. Unfortunately, no Esports free bets are available to turn into cash immediately. Punters must instead back a winner using their free bet in order to be able to take home winnings.


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