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Esport Betting Tips, Predictions & Odds

Esports betting has been popular for a number of years now, with the unexpected events of 2020 only bringing this pastime into the spotlight even more. A host of well-known and newly launched bookmakers and operators now offer Esports betting markets and features, with the scene growing at a rapid rate.

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Whether you sign up with a traditional bookie such as Bet365 or a specialist operator like LOOT.BET, this page has been designed to provide up to date, accurate and helpful Esports betting predictions and tips. Esports betting tips will enhance your chances of being successful when staking on your favorite organizations, teams and players, so be sure to check out our predictions below, which come from industry experts.

What is Esports and Why is it So Popular?

Having viewed our Esports betting tips above, it is time to outline exactly what the Esports scene is all about. The “E” in Esports stands for electronic, with Esports now being regulated in many countries, just like soccer or other disciplines. Esports is the name given to competitive video gaming, with countries across the globe having taken to it, including North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Professional Esports players can earn millions in earnings from tournaments, with new organizations and teams being created all of the time.

Pros can compete either individually or as a team, depending on their chosen Esports title. Meanwhile, an increasing number of events and competitions are taking place both online and offline around the world, which goes some way to explaining just why Esports betting odds are offered by so many operators today. Such events are available to watch live online, with many of our recommended bookies offering live streaming features.

The Best Esports Betting Tips – What Esports Bets are Available?

For some bookies, Esports is still somewhat new territory, however others have been quick to recognize the huge potential of events in this area. The number of available bets will depend on which brand you sign up with, however as is the case with other sports, the most popular market is the “match winner” option, also known as moneylines. This simply involved staking on which team or player you think will win an individual match.
Elsewhere, outright bets can also be placed on the winner of major tournaments and leagues, while some bookies offer specials. Specials could be the region of the winning team or who will finish as the tournament MVP. Some Esports betting providers will also deliver the chance to place combination and system bets.

What Esports Games Can Be Bet On?

League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and Starcraft are among the most popular Esports betting markets around today. Event organizers millions in prize money, with the Esports World Championship (ESWC) being one of the biggest around. Meanwhile, with some 700,000 registered members, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) is another major force in the world of Esports. In fact, this union now includes a professional game and league system, that brings over 1,800 leagues and 80 games in total.

Some events allow both amateurs and professionals the chance to compete, with the ESL Pro Series being only for the very best players. Our recommended betting operators cover both regional and international events, while some deliver their own Esports betting tips, along with a generous welcome bonus.

What to Look Out for When Placing Esports Bets

As with any other market, there are certain factors in which punters must consider before placing an Esports bet. The first thing to do is sign up with the bookie or provider which bets suits your Esports betting needs. All of our suggested platforms are 100% legal and licensed, with market coverage, odds and promotions also being important. The leading Esports betting operators will offer some form of incentive for new customers, whether it be a free bet or welcome bonus. However, it is important to look at the terms and conditions surrounding such offers, before deciding whether the wagering requirements are fair and realistic.

Meanwhile, always make your own decisions. While taking on board Esports betting tips and predictions is wise, ultimately, it is your decision. Most successful Esports bets are won because of good preparation, looking into the teams and players involved. Form, rosters and head to head information can all be useful ahead of wagering on a match or tournament. So, be sure to take on as much information as possible and develop your own Esports betting strategy.

If you are a newcomer to Esports betting, it is recommended to stick to simple bets, such as match winner. Such bets are widely accepted, while they be very successful when used correctly. However, understand that Esports odds on the biggest teams and players could be low in some cases, especially if they are expected to win comfortably. Individual bets are an alternative, with those who place combination bets often putting themselves at greater risk of generating a loss. Single bets offer greater security and will more regularly add to your account balance.

Bottom Line on Esports Betting Tips

Especially important for beginners, the first thing to do is find yourself a suitable Esports betting provider. While a welcome bonus is appealing, it should not form the basis for your entire decision. As you will see from our Esports betting tips, a large number of matches take place daily, so punters should have a host of options when it comes to betting on different games. Be sure to check out our Esports betting site review for a detailed breakdown of the leading operators. Esports involves real players, who control the actions of popular characters. With this being part of its appeal, Esports is set to continue to grow.

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