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Bleed Sign VLDN

The Singaporean esports scene is buzzing with the news of BLEED's latest roster update, welcoming a fresh talent into their Counter-Strike lineup. After proving himself worthy during a one-month provisional period, Vladan „VLDN“ Radevic has secured his position on the team. His successful stint as a stand-in showcased not only his skills but also a promising future for both him and the organization.

Transitioning into a permanent role, VLDN steps in to fill the vacancy left by Laurențiu „lauNX“ Țârlea, who has since returned to his previous position with Team Falcons. At the young age of 23, the Serbian player's integration into BLEED aims to reinforce the team's competitive edge in the dynamic world of esports.

VLDN Secures a Spot with Singapore's BLEED

BLEED, a Singaporean esports entity, has broadened its competitive horizon in Counter-Strike 2 via the acquisition of Serbian player Vladan „VLDN“ Radevic. This decision follows some initial setbacks in the team's performance. However, VLDN's integration has corresponded with an uptick in the team's fortunes, as evidenced by a notable team rating improvement to 1.06.

  • Performance Highlights:
    • Progression: Ascension in competitive rankings.
    • Recent Achievement: Runner-up title at RES Regional Series 1 Europe.
      • VLDN's significant contribution in victories against notable teams like Young Ninjas and BetBoom.
    • Final Hurdle: Narrow defeat against Fnatic.

Prior engagements saw VLDN displaying his skills as a temporary participant for ENCE in the CAC 2023 and with iNation throughout the Paris RMR period, showcasing his adaptability and potential that BLEED has capitalized on.

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