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Esports Watchdog Issues 2-Year Ban

The integrity of competitive esports faces continuous scrutiny as governing bodies enforce strict regulations to uphold fair play. In a significant development within the Counter-Strike sequel's professional scene, Erkhan „gokushima“ Bagynanov faces a two-year suspension from participation in major esports tournaments. The decision by the Esports Integrity Commission bars him from events operated by ESL and BLAST, which are among the foremost hosts for the game's competitive circuit.

The restriction on the 23-year-old player comes in the wake of a match-fixing scandal that has sent ripples through the community. Gokushima, a member of the FORZE roster in CS2, saw his career halted abruptly as the ESIC enacted the ban, which coincided with the day of his last professional match. As a result, gokushima's absence will be felt within his team and the broader CS2 esports landscape until late March 2026.

Reasons for gokushima's Suspension

2.1 Violations of Integrity Standards

Under the integrity guidelines set forth by ESIC, gokushima was found to have:

  • Compromised the integrity of matches by influencing or attempting to influence the outcome or various aspects of professional games.

2.2 Gambling Policy Breaches

Within the realm of betting regulations, the infringements involved:

  • Placing bets on matches, including those the player was actively participating in.
  • Assisting or facilitating others in placing such bets.
  • Omitting to report knowledge regarding betting on matches or any efforts to affect the outcome of games.

Further infringements included:

  • Acts that potentially tarnish the reputation of eSports, the game, events involved, or ESIC affiliates.
  • Attempts to manipulate match outcomes for unsanctioned reasons.

Profile of Erkhan Bagynanov

Erkhan „gokushima“ Bagynanov, a professional CS2 player, started making an impact on the competitive scene in 2023, climbing the ranks swiftly due to his strong performance in the Premier mode. After joining the esports team FORZE in late 2023, he played a crucial role in the team's success and their journey to the Skyesports Masters 2024, a prestigious European tournament with a prize pool of $350,000. Regrettably, his recent ban for unethical conduct in the sport has sidelined him from participating in the event and other ESIC-affiliated tournaments until March 2026.

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