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How to Emote Thanks in Overwatch 2

In the vibrant world of Overwatch 2, players can engage in a playful display of camaraderie through the Giddy Gratitude challenge, part of the April Fools‘ Day game mode known as Balanced Overwatch. The event not only spices up gameplay with unique challenges but also enriches the player experience with a variety of rewards. Demonstrating gratitude in-game is more than a courteous gesture; it's a step towards completing objectives that enhance the festive atmosphere.

Understanding how to effectively use the communication tools in Overwatch 2 is crucial for teamwork and strategy. Emoting a simple ‚thanks‘ to fellow players isn't just good etiquette; it's an integral part of this particular challenge. Mastering these small interactions can lead to big rewards and is a testament to the game's emphasis on positive player interactions and community engagement.

Expressing Appreciation in Overwatch 2

To express gratitude toward team members or opponents in Overwatch 2:

  • Enter the game environment
  • Use your reticle to focus on a fellow hero
  • Access the communication wheel
  • Choose the „Thanks“ emote

Engaging in this gesture isn't confined to allies; one can extend thanks to adversaries, facilitating various event-related challenges including the Giddy Gratitude task.

Customizing the Communication Menu in Overwatch 2

To personalize the emote wheel in Overwatch 2, follow these steps:

  1. Access Overwatch 2's main menu.
  2. Use the Esc key to open the menu.
  3. Navigate and click on Options.
  4. Go to the Controls tab.
  5. Look for Communication settings.

Under the Communication section, players can modify their emote wheel to better suit their gameplay. The ability to thank teammates or perform other gestures is mapped to a key, and by default, it might be set to „X“. Players have the flexibility to assign this action to a different key or button that aligns with their preferences.

Overwatch 2 Communication Options

In Overwatch 2, players can quickly convey strategies or statuses using the in-game communication wheel. This handy feature includes a variety of phrases and commands which are essential for coordinating with teammates. The commands include but are not limited to:

  • Acknowledgments and Greetings: for general interaction, such as HelloThanks, and You Are Welcome.
  • Combat Tactics: like AttackingDefending, and Press the Attack for conveying battle strategies.
  • Positional Alerts: to inform teammates of positioning with Watching HereGroup Up, or With You.
  • Status Updates: for indicating your Ultimate Status or if you’re Ready.
  • Requests: when in need of assistance or healing, use Need Healing/Help.
  • Confirmations and Denials: simple responses like YesNo, and Go.

Players have the capability to customize these commands for general use or tailor them for each hero. Customization is accessible through the Options menu by selecting Controls and Communication. Here, players can also assign specific heroes their unique communication preferences for precision and ease during gameplay.

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