Starting signal for Wild Rift eSports

The Philippines will host the first major eSports event in League of Legends: Wild Rift in 2021. Around $200,000 in prize money is at stake.

The mobile MOBA has only been in the wild for a few months, and already the first events are being held in Asia. Mark Navarro, a Philippine Riot licensee, is planning national cups that will be held in two splits of 3 months each. In doing so, they want to allow any team to enter the Cups. “No one gets a direct invite so huge Open Qualifiers will be held” promises Navarro.

Filipinos want to be among the elite in Wild Rift

The prize money, about $100,000 per split, in the series goes not just to the top-ranked teams in the country, but to the teams that earn the most points in the group stages and playoffs. Organizers see that as an investment in the local scene. “The points-based system is our way of boosting the growth of the professional scene,” Navarro is quoted as saying, adding that he would like to see Filipino players among the best in the world in Wild Rift by year’s end.

It’s no coincidence that this regional boost is happening. The Philippines was one of a few countries allowed to participate in the game’s testing phases very early on, and is also part of the Wild Rift Southeast Asia Icon Series: Preseason held by Riot.


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