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MLBB M5 World Championship Echo: The Ultimate Guide

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community was left in shock after the news broke that ECHO, the defending world champions, failed to qualify for the M5 World Championship. ECHO was considered one of the favorites to win the MPL Philippines title, but they faltered in the Playoffs Stage and were knocked out by their arch-rivals, Blacklist International.

The disappointment for ECHO came well before the M5 World Championship, leaving fans and analysts wondering what went wrong for the reigning champions. Despite their early exit from the MPL Philippines, ECHO remains a formidable team and will undoubtedly be missed at the upcoming tournament.

ECHO Will Not Be Defending Its M5 World Championship Title

ECHO Esports, the current MLBB world champions, have failed to qualify for the upcoming M5 Championship. The team, composed of Sanford, KarlTzy, Sanji, Bennyqt, Yawi, and Jaypee, were one of the favorites to take home the MPL Philippines title but faltered in the Playoffs Stage and were knocked out by arch-rivals Blacklist International.

The Playoffs Stage didn’t go according to their plans, as they started off in the Upper Bracket Semifinal against Blacklist International, who knocked them down to the Lower Bracket. ECHO were able to set a rematch with Blacklist, though, after winning their lower bracket match. This time as well, though, Blacklist came out on top to knock the defending world champions out of the MPL Philippines and the M5 World Championship.

This isn’t the first time in the history of the MLBB M World Championships that a defending world champion won’t play in the next edition. EVOS Legends, the inaugural M1 World Champions, failed to qualify for the M2 in 2020.

The M5 World Championship will happen from Nov. 23 to Dec. 17 as 22 teams from around the world compete for the title and a share of the $900,000 prize pool.

Redemption Arc for AP Bren

AP Bren, formerly known as Bren Esports, has made a spectacular comeback after a series of disappointing performances. The team had a rough patch after winning the M2 World Championship in 2020, failing to qualify for the next two editions. However, the team bounced back and won the MPL Philippines for the first time since Season 6, securing their second title overall.

This victory marks a redemption arc for AP Bren, as they have overcome several challenges in the past few years. The organization was rocked by scandal when their former CEO, Bernard Chong, was accused of importing illegal drugs. Chong was later cleared of all charges in 2023. The team was then bought by Aces Pro Corp and rebranded as AP Bren.

AP Bren's victory in the MPL Philippines is a testament to their resilience and determination. They have proven that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With their eyes set on the M5 World Championship, AP Bren will be looking to defend the honor of the Philippines, a country that has won every M World Championship since the M1 edition.

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