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How to Get Power Cells in LEGO Fortnite

In the expansive world of LEGO Fortnite, the addition of drivable vehicles has brought a dynamic new layer to gameplay. Players can now explore the terrain with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to the introduction of various car sizes designed for in-game travel. Key to this evolution is the Power Cell, a novel element in the game that players must craft to power their vehicles.

Crafting Power Cells requires gathering specific materials and understanding the production process. Once acquired, these cells become the lifeline for propelling vehicles across the map, enabling players to engage in the action swiftly. The following paragraphs detail the steps for creating Power Cells and the mechanism of integrating them into vehicles for full functionality.

Acquiring Power Cells in LEGO Fortnite

Power Cells serve as the essential energy source for vehicles in the world of LEGO Fortnite. Players aiming to achieve mobility must grasp the crafting process for these crucial components. The following outlines the steps one must take to produce Power Cells:

Step 1: Compost Bin Construction

  • Access the „Utility“ menu and select the „Stations“ category.
  • Construct a Compost Bin with:
    • 5 Planks
    • 2 Soil
    • 1 Sand
    • 3 Fertilizer

Step 2: Assembling Raw Materials

  • Deposit eligible items (except those marked with an ‚X‘) into the Compost Bin to produce Biomass.
  • Accumulate Glass by following these steps:
    • Obtain Sand, typically found in desert or beach areas.
    • Locate Brightcore, available within caves in desert biomes.
    • Use a Metal Smelter to combine 2 Sand and 1 Brightcore to create a pane of Glass.
    • Repeat the process for a total of 6 Glass required for a single Power Cell.

Step 3: Crafting the Power Cell

  • With 50 Biomass and 6 Glass, players can manufacture Power Cells.
  • Proceed to the Crafting Bench and locate the Torch-labeled tab, where the Power Cell option resides.
  • Ensure your Crafting Bench is at an adequate level to view and create Power Cells.

By following these steps meticulously, players can generate Power Cells to energize their LEGO Fortnite vehicles, thus unlocking the potential for enhanced exploration and dynamic gameplay experiences in this captivating world.

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