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Dota 2 Support Blasting: A Look at the TI 2023 Competition

Ancient Apparition, a hero in the popular game Dota 2, has been making waves in both professional and casual play. The hero has been performing exceptionally well at The International 2023, with a win rate of 68 percent across 28 picks in the tournament so far. Teams such as Team Liquid, Nouns, and Virtus.Pro have been taking advantage of the hero's strong skill set and unique ultimate ability, Ice Blast, to achieve success.

The impact of Ancient Apparition's performance at The International 2023 has also been felt in casual play, with the hero's win rate in high-level matches increasing to 55 percent in the past week, according to data from D2PT. The hero's popularity has also been on the rise, with it being the fourth most picked hard support hero.

Ancient Apparition's skill set includes abilities such as Chilling Touch, which can harass enemies from afar, Ice Vortex, which slows and hurts enemies, and Cold Feet, which adds extra control. However, it is the hero's ultimate ability, Ice Blast, that sets it apart. A well-timed Ice Blast can turn the tide of a battle by dealing significant damage, taking out low-health enemies, and stopping all healing in its tracks.

Professional players have been maximizing Ancient Apparition's potential by choosing smart item builds such as Arcane Boots for a mana boost, Force Staff for mobility and to save themselves or allies, and Glimmer Cape to provide additional protection. They have also been utilizing Aghanim's Shard, which can freeze enemies hit by Ice Blast, making it even more devastating.

The hero's recent success has made it a top pick in the current meta, and teams are quick to ban it if it is available. Overall, Ancient Apparition's strong performance at The International 2023 and its increasing popularity in casual play make it a hero to watch in the world of Dota 2.

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