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Bwipo gives advice on how to play tanks well in League of Legends

The Team Liquid star gives players some tips on how to get better with this type of champion in Summoner's Rift.

Bwipo has become one of the biggest names of this transfer market in the League of Legends pro scene after announcing his departure from Fnatic and, subsequently, his arrival in the LCS to defend Team Liquid's colors.

Now the complete top laner, after starring in an extraordinary play a few days ago, is back in the news after giving some tips to the community to better manage League of Legends tank champions.

Using carries well, the key to play well as a tank

During a live stream of his teammate CoreJJ, Bwipo assured that “the key to playing tanks well is that you need to know how to use carries well. You need to know how to play the carries to be able to win as a tank. It's not easy to play both, it's better to learn how to play carries and forget about tanks” and he also complained about people who think that playing tanks is easy, because “to play a tank you need to know how to lane very well. A tank is completely useless if you go 50 minions down. You can't do anything.

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