Schalke beats G2, and Rogue still without a defeat!

Unfortunately, all the Poles failed to win, and several of our compatriots unexpectedly had to acknowledge the superiority of their rivals. We have had a really crazy day, which will be remembered as the time of G2 Esports’ first fall. Let’s summarize what happened at the end of the second round of LEC.

At the very beginning we could watch Chocolate in action, who scored his second win of the season with his team. Excel won at Astralis after a very long, but quite one-sided game. From the very beginning of the game they dominated and increased the advantage they gained in the early stages of the game. Astralis seemed helpless and thus end the second round with a score of 1-4.

Then it was time for the first of today’s surprises. Misfits seems to flip a coin before every match and they either play very well or downright tragic. At the end of the second round, unfortunately, the worse side fell out and “Bunnies” looked like shadows of themselves. However, praise is due to SK Gaming, who played very well throughout the meeting and each player presented a good side.

Then it was time for Rogue, who seemed to be confidently going for another win to their collection. It turned out that Vitality even put up a lot of resistance, but in the end it was not enough. Another MVP for Hans Samy, another win for Rogue and another reason to cheer for Polish fans. Inspired and Trymbi so far do not disappoint fans and show that they have to be reckoned with in the fight for the title.

Then it happened… . Schalke made a big surprise and won in great style against G2. At this point it should be noted that it was not an accidental or forced win. Schalke controlled the game from the very beginning and played out the following minutes of the game by the book. As a result, Gillius gave Udyr their first victory in the LEC and his team showed that G2 is not unbeatable at all.

To crown the day we got the match of the week, MAD Lions vs Fnatic. The meeting not only at the highest level, but also very pleasing to the eye. From the very beginning we had a lot of action, kills and interesting plays. The first very important information we could take from the match was that Humanoid finally woke up. Czech chose Azir and already in the 15th minute he had stats of 6/1/1.

Time was passing and the game was not slowing down at all. Neither team wanted to give up their advantage, and the difference in gold in the 33rd minute was only a few hundred gold pieces. Until the very end we didn’t know who would win and we had to wait for that one decisive fight. It came in the 35th minute when the MAD Lions took the Baron and then won the crucial team fight.

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