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In Valorant, every change matters, however, it’s amazing to see that the best nerf Jett has ever experienced was the result of a bug within the game.

In a competitive game, even the smallest change can have a major impact on the overall gameplay experience. This is especially true of Valorant. However, these changes are mostly expected in official patches and should not result in in-game bugs. In the case of Jett, one particular nerf – perhaps even the best we’ve seen to date – came from a bug in patch 3.08.

Jett is by far the most powerful agent on Valorant. His mobility, the hallmark of the character, gives him a range of different angles to approach situations and combat that no other agent in the game has. That’s the problem, this mobility is the element on which Jett was built. Taking it away from him is impossible, or it would lose all meaning, which is why Riot, despite a plethora of different nerfs, never managed to balance the character.

In patch 3.06, Jett underwent a very important nerf, which was not even enough to make the character balanced, still being one of the most played characters in the game. This “Jett problem” as the community likes to call it, is also present in the competitive scene, since at the Berlin Masters the character had an insane 85% pickrate.

Then came patch 3.08, where to everyone’s surprise, the character looked different. In reality, it was a bug, unforeseen by the developers, that affected the character. His dash, the main element of Jett’s kit and by far the best entry ability in the game, was no longer the same. After a dash, Jett can normally pull out his weapon fairly quickly, allowing him to enter the site, take a pick and then control the site if the team closes the distance. However, after the patch, the delay for Jett to draw his weapon was increased very slightly. As we said earlier, however, it is the smallest changes that can make the biggest differences. In this case, this bug made it much harder to do the job, because although the character could still enter, if the player was not careful, he found himself facing the enemy and unable to kill him, and often found himself six feet under.

This is when the community split into two distinct camps, those who thought this bug made sense and wanted to see it stay in the game, as Jett was so broken, and those who wanted to see it disappear, frustrated that the entry ability, one of Jett’s key points, was reduced to nothing. However, Jett can’t do everything, the character is already far too strong in everything, as Hiko, a professional player for 100 Thieves, says: “She can’t be strong in everything: entry, playing the Operator, being in support, placing smoke, having access to elevation changes, not taking fall damage, being able to block enemy utility, enemy flashes, being able to place One-Ways and throw all kinds of smokes. She can’t, it wouldn’t be fair.

So that led to this question: should this bug stay within the game and act as a nerf to the character? Admittedly, this was the first time that the character was still viable within the game but not absolutely abused. Riot has since corrected the problem, however, with the character returning to its original state and continuing to dominate the game, whether in ranked or casual play. So it took a bug to finally see a proper nerf affect the character, having become the bête noire – like Yoru – of the game’s balancing team.

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