VAL: Gamelanders and Vorax secure first place in Regional Masters

Rise and Slick fall behind, but can still qualify in the 2nd round

Gamelanders and Vorax confirmed their favoritism this Saturday (20) and secured the first places in the VALORANT Regional Masters. The qualification came after last year’s top teams won 2-0 in their matches against Rise Gaming and Slick, respectively.

Despite the loss, Rise and Slick can still qualify for the Masters. The two teams play again this Sunday (21), in the last round of the 2nd phase of Challengers Brazil. Rise will fight for one of the spots against FURIA, while Slick will face Team Vikings.

The teams that lose tomorrow will not need to play the open qualifier and will already be guaranteed a spot in the 3rd round.

Here’s how today’s games went:

VALORANT Challengers Brazil (2nd stage)

  • Rise Gaming 0-2 Gamelanders
  • Maps: Icebox (Rise) and Split (GL)

It was a surprise that Rise chose Icebox, one of the maps that has been a highlight for Gamelanders, who consequently came out victorious in the match. After an encouraging start with two well-executed retakes on defense, the game fell apart for Rise, who watched GL score 9-3 in the first half, practically settled by the bullet.

Changing sides, with mwzera and Jonn very strong, Rise outlined a recovery by presenting a very well coordinated attack, however, after suffering the third consecutive point, a tactical break put order in the Gamelanders game, which confirmed the 13-7.

As well as in the first map, Split was a walkover by GL, the first team qualified for the Masters. Guh was the hero of the Rise and scored on the few opportunities the team had in the first half of Gamelanders’ dominant attack, which turned the map back on 9-3.

The point of the match didn’t take long to come: with 12-3 in hand, GL stumbled two consecutive rounds, but managed to win after a very well-worked economic, especially by Nyang, who held Rise’s advance in the B sky well and led 13-5.

  • Slick 0-2 Vorax
  • Maps: Split (VRX) and Haven (SLK)

Split was a gift to Vorax fans who followed the team’s golden days last year. Well coordinated, with krain making a Breach play, the Vorazes beat Slick without difficulty. Taking good advantage of the opponent’s stumbles, the attacks fit together very well in most rounds and the first half ended in 8-4. Slick took good advantage of the start of the second half and got closer on the scoreboard, but soon Vorax put the house in order: with four consecutive rounds, the game ended on 12-6 with v1xen emplacing a triple kill.

At the Haven, the story was written the same way and Vorax secured the qualification for the Masters. In the first half, an unprecedented dominance on defense, which started to become more of a contest towards the end. Despite their efforts, Slick saw the contest turn around with Delevingne fitting an immoral 5k from Jett. With 8-4 on the scoreboard, it became easy for Vorax to attack. Slick’s composition with Killjoy and Sage should hold more on defense, but could only bring a point for the team, which again sank into the hands of v1xen and his Omen, who confirmed the 12-5.

Check out the schedule and check out the last games of the VCB second round:

  • 7pm – FURIA vs Rise (Md3)
  • Next up – Team Vikings vs. Slick (Md3)
  • Follow the games live on the official VALORANT channels on Twitch and YouTube.



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