CS:GO: Na’Vi beats FURIA in IEM in tough games

Brazilians started well and lost many unnecessary rounds

This Saturday (20), the IEM Katowice 2021 matches took place in group C of the tournament. It was tough for the Brazilians, who saw a strong team in the first map and who seemed to give up in the second map. The Ukrainians from Na’Vi who were superior to FURIA in the MD3 series (best of three), which took place on the Mirage and Nuke maps.

FURIA Esports 0 vs 2 Na’Vi

Maps: Mirage (FURIA), Nuke (Na’Vi) and Inferno (Tiebreaker)

On the CT side, Na’Vi won the pistol round over FURIA in quiet fashion and then faced trouble and lost. The next round went to Na’Vi and arT responded in the next round with a nice 4K on top of the enemy team, winning. Because of FURIA’s lost echo round, the s1mple team held the advantage in some rounds. The half happened with the score at 9:6 for the Ukrainians.

Now on the TR side, it was two rounds secured by the Na’Vi team, who had an answer in the next round with straight shots from arT. With three points for each team, s1mple shone with his team’s highest KDA. The Brazilians held firm with AWP performances from the North American junior and the match was all even at 12:12.

In frenetic rounds and at the same time, full of strategy, arT continued with a good performance, doing almost the impossible by managing to shoot the AWP enemy’s foot even after getting under an enemy molotov. In the 29th round, the Brazilians ended up losing the round because of s1mple shots, which lately have been the stone in the shoe of several Brazilian teams. Na’Vi’s victory in 16:13.

In the map of choice of the Ukrainians, the Brazilians started Nuke winning the pistol in a perfect way, slaughtering all enemies and without suffering any losses on the CT side. In a very competitive match for the classification, both teams played well and managed to keep the game balanced, always responding to the enemy’s attacks. In fact, this is how arT won a round with only five lives over a s1mple in great shape. The half ended with the score 9:6 for Na’Vi.

Now on the TR side, the Brazilians won the pistol, guaranteeing an advantage. Perfecto hunted VINI in the next round and secured it alone for his team. Despite arT making great moves, Na’Vi continued to be superior in the next rounds by defending the map and counting on s1mple and perfecto destroying any Brazilian’s dream. In the beginning of the match point, s1mple caught one and finished the match with 29 kills, even killing an enemy on the knife. The Ukrainians won by 16:8.

The fate of coldzera’s FaZe

FaZe Clan, coldzera’s team, is also in group C of the tournament and was victorious yesterday morning (19). The MD3 series against OG took place on the Mirage and Dust maps.

Upcoming matches

With today’s results (20), Brazilians will have to choose which team to root for, as FURIA plays tomorrow (21) against FaZe Clan starting at 8am to try to qualify.

Team Liquid vs Team Vitality

Prior to the FURIA game, Team Vitality took on Team Liquid from True. MD3 was competitive and almost cardiac for some Brazilians who cheered for Liquid. In Nuke, Vitality won by 19:16 on the map of their choice. When it came to Vertigo, the game turned around and Liquid won by 16:10. And in Mirage, the sovereignty of the Fallen team shone, winning the last map over the French by 16:12.

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