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Follow the final of the R6 Siege Benelux Cup this weekend!

Today and tomorrow the semi-finals and final of the Rainbow Six Siege Benelux Cup take place, the biggest Rainbow Six competition in the Benelux. With a prize pool of 10,000 euros there is a lot at stake. The spectacle will be broadcast live on Twitch.

The first semi-final of the tournament starts today at 13:30. The semi-finals will be fought in a best-of-3, after which the final will take place tomorrow at 15:00 in a best-of-5 format. Since the end of September nineteen teams have competed for a spot in the finals; 4Eggs, Activit-E, KVM Esports and The Last Dance (former Gamma Gaming) pulled the longest straw and may compete for the title best Rainbow Six Siege team of the Benelux,

Beating the cup are casters Anne ‘FastAnne' Janssen, Anthony ‘Anthox' Kremer, Thiadrik ‘Toldersma' Oldersma and Stijn ‘Hap' Hapers.

About Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege you play in teams of five against each other, with one team marked as attackers and the other team marked as defenders. The attackers may have different goals, such as extracting a bomb or freeing a hostage. The defending team logically tries to prevent this from happening. In addition to the standard shooting elements, Rainbow Six Siege is primarily a tactical game. Players choose before a game starts a so-called Operator who has her own set of weapons and tools. These tools help teams achieve their goals, think destroying walls, reinforcing walls, drones and booby traps.

It is primarily the dynamics of the game that make Rainbow Six Siege beloved within the esports community. It is less “straight forward” than other shooting games, and tests not only basic skills but also.

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