CS:GO: Virtus Pro beats Team Liquid and advances to the final of IEM Katowice 2021

This Saturday (27), IEM Katowice 2021 hosted the semifinal matches of the tournament. With Virtus’ victory in the quarterfinals, the team faced Team Liquid, who were already qualified for the semis with their good performance in the championship. The best-of-3 series clash (MD3) took place on the maps dust_2 and Mirage, with superiority the Russians from VP, who won 2-0.

Team Liquid 0 to 2 Virtus Pro

Maps: dust_2 (Virtus), Mirage (Liquid) and Inferno (tiebreaker)

Liquid started on the CT side in Dust 2 won the pistol, securing an advantage in the first map of the clash. With NAF taking out VP’s key players, the next round went into Liquid’s hands again. Virtus even responded by securing a point, but then Fallen’s team quietly secured another round. The next round was a bit more strategic, with another point for VP. Liquid tried an unsuccessful forced frame with only NAF alive, leaving everything even, 3:3 After an echo of Liquid’s defeat with highlights of Jame’s moves, VP secured another round quietly by source of doing a good job on the TR side. Liquid started to respond and showed they were not messing around, but Jame and SANJI were with impossible shots, leaving the half at 9:6 for the Russians.

Now on the TR side of the map, Fallen’s team shone with a great performance by EliGE, pistol for Liquid. In the next round, Liquid was outnumbered, and even so, NAF made a clutch, guaranteeing another point for Liquid. It was here that Liquid showed its strength, with good moves from Grim, who at the beginning of the round already took two enemies at once, earning another point and leaving everything equal, 9:9. Despite Fallen and Grim working very well, SANJI and qikert seemed to be determined not to let Liquid turn and played beyond normal, guaranteeing four more points. Liquid almost secured the next point on a quick dominance and planting from C4, but VP was up to date with dust_2. Match point came with the score at 9:15 for the Russians, who even though they suffered a planting, won the map with YEKINDAR’s moves. End of map in 16:9.

In the Mirage, Team Liquid’s choice, VP was the team that started with everything in the pistol, getting an advantage in the beginning of the game with slaughters for the whole team. The True One responded with a beautiful glock shot in the enemy round, which came down to a 3-1 lead for Fallen’s team, who made it all even by scoring a point. Even with VP’s response in the third round, Liquid remained strong and got another point from the TR side. Jame and his colleagues made a good rotation in the next rounds, leaving everything equal even with Liquid planting, 3:3.

In the details, Fallen’s team lost two rounds to VP CT. That’s when NAF shone again, letting his team have more peace of mind with a numerical advantage, getting closer to their enemies in points. Jame’s straight shots were not able to hinder Liquid TR’s execution, which now left everything even, 5:5.

The duo Stewie2K and Fallen got the Brazilians excited in an invade, which turned the score to Liquid. With half life, Stewie2k even tried to secure the next round, but it didn’t work out because it was a 3×2 match, which he even managed to take one of the foes; all even again. In response, Liquid got another point with a planting and a favorable 3-2 situation. The half was marked by practically one point for each side, turning in 8:7 for the True Team.

Now on the CT side, Liquid did well and took the pistol and took the advantage in the next round, securing another point and starting to open up an advantage over the Russians. who responded next with a direct confrontation between the True and Jame, who got the better of the next two rounds. With the score at 10:11 to Fallen’s team, who died with Grim to Jame’s AWP and lost another point, leaving everything equal, 11:11. The Brazilian’s heart was in the palm of his hand more than ever, as the rounds became more and more competitive. In the round that left 12:12, Jame even killed a Liquid player in a 3×2 with only three life, but without the C4, he lost and left everything equal. With planting and player advantage, Virtus secured 12:13. The next rounds were dominated by the Russians, who reached match point, winning it on a numerical advantage. Game over in 16:12.

With today’s (27) results, Virtus is qualified for the IEM final, which takes place tomorrow (28) against Gambit Esports, starting at 11 am.


Last Friday (26), Virtus Pro faced Astralis in the quarter-finals of the championship. In the best-of-three series (MD3), Virtus took the lead forcing a 2-1 victory over the enemy team, who even though they won their map of choice, Train (12:16), ended up out of the semifinals. The Russians from VP won on Overpass (16:10) and Inferno (16:11).


The other semi of the tournament took place just before VP and Liquid’s clash, between Gambit Esports and Team Spirit. On the Overpass (11:16) and Inferno (13:16) maps, Gambit won and secured their spot in the tournament final.

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