Halo Infinite presents new images

343 Industries had guaranteed monthly news of the development of Halo Infinite, to reassure the chilled fans of the summer 2020 presentation. For the month of February, the idea is to show progress in intentions and execution.

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In the latest Halo Waypoint post, Justin Dinges, Campaign Art Lead, Troy Mashburn, Gameplay Director, and John Mulkey World Design Lead of Halo Infinite are invited to talk about the progress of the new Master Chief adventure and in particular Zeta Halo.

Eager to reach out to fans of the series and a new audience, this “spiritual reboot” has clear guidelines, set out by Dinges :

In terms of our artistic goals for the campaign, we have focused on two key themes, “legacy” and “simplicity” in terms of the visual experience we are building. For legacy, we really want players to feel like they’re playing a game they remember (Halo: Combat Evolved), but with modernized graphics, of course. In terms of simplicity, we wanted to make sure we kept away from noisy designs and details, which is a key element to remember for the team that comes from Halo 5. With Halo Infinite, we wanted to bring this new adventure back to its roots and create a visually pleasing experience that doesn’t overwhelm unnecessary complexity, where legibility and clear artistic composition prevail. It is our artistic interpretation of a beautiful world in which to exist – rather than something based purely on photo realism. Both goals have been a real challenge to balance, especially in relation to the expectations of what it means to be a “new generation” title, but through incredible team collaboration, hard work and feedback from the community, we hope to achieve something that everyone will truly enjoy and appreciate.

To judge, the studio is adding some concept art and screenshots that you can check out in our image gallery below that show, among other things, how the environment is affected by the position of the sun. The level of detail seems more important. But to be sure, we will have to wait for the final version.

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