CS:GO kicks its bots – no more player replacement in competitive mode

If you’ve recently started a competitive game in CS:GO and lost a teammate during the round, you might have already noticed a noticeable change. Because since a few days there are no more bots that take the place of the absent player.

So what happens after the disconnect? Since January 7, if a mate disconnects or is kicked during a match in competitive and wingman modes, he will no longer be replaced by a bot. If the entire team disconnects, a single bot will remain on the corresponding team and walk around the spawn.

No more replacement bots in CS:GO matchmaking.

Quietly, Valve has removed iconic bots from competitive game modes. Why iconic? Well, even though the unwanted substitutes drove us crazy at times by proudly and stubbornly defying instructions or rashly and daringly buying an autosniper in the 4th round, they were still responsible for some pretty funny situations, or maybe because of it.

Also, the replacement bot at least allowed abandoned players the chance for another comeback opportunity by simply taking over the bot after their own death and thus staying in the game.

Why were the bots removed?

But perhaps that’s the very reason Valve decided to remove the bots from CS:GO. After all, some teams were so easily tempted to summarily kick unloved or weaker players. With this tactic, teams could continue to let the pot-ragger do all the work by securing a second life in the role of the bot after his death. Unfair, actually.

However, the reason remains speculative, because officially the developers have not given any reasons for the adjustment. It’s just a pity that a new imbalance now arises. If a player is kicked out of the match due to an unintentional disconnection or game problems, the remaining mates are left alone without a chance.

I will remember you – A community remembers

This change has now caused some commemorative posts from the CS:GO gaming community on various social media platforms and forums. In them, users post their best, funniest and sometimes most annoying situations with the replacement AI. You can see an emotional example here:


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