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100 Thieves is working on its own game

100 Thieves has begun development on its own game. The esports organisation has made this known through various channels. In a YouTube video, Matthew ‘Nadeshot' Haag (CEO) and John Robinson (COO) explain why they have started this project. At the moment, no details about the game have been shared.

Athletes, content creators and fans from the gaming community will be involved in Project X over the next few years. Despite the tough competition, John Robinson thinks that in this way he has a good chance of making Project X a success. Especially the knowledge and ideas of these groups are important, according to the COO.

100 Thieves explains Project X

Nadeshot is visibly enthusiastic during the announcement of Project X. The CEO and founder of 100 Thieves wants to offer gamers a game that gives them an experience for life. Just like he had with Halo 2, Call of Duty and later with Valorant.

Pete Hawley is the man in charge of Project X's development. In the past, Hawley has been involved in the development of games such as Killzone and Burnout: Paradise. The chief product officer therefore brings the necessary experience with him.

It is currently unclear what the 100 Thieves game will look like. Given Nadeshot's history as an esporter, it seems obvious to assume a first-person shooter. The CEO has been part of one of the best Call of Duty teams of all time.

The progress of Project X can be followed on social media @100T_ProjectX and the website Robinson emphasises that development of the game is still in its infancy.

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