XSET Enters Rainbow Six NAL

XSET is to become the latest team to enter Rainbow Six Siege’s NAL, with its lineup being made up in part by former RentFree players. Having formally competed in the Challenger League, Tom “Tomas” Kaka, Xavier “Filthy” Garcia and Adam “Drip” Kolodkin will be part of the XSET roster, along with Tim “Creators” Humpherys and Alex “Butterzz” O’Campo.
It has long been rumored that XSET was looking to join the R6 scene, with the game having attracted large engagement of late. Speaking on the announcement, XSET COO Marco Mereu stated that: “We recognize you got a solid publisher, a terrific game, it’s continuing to grow a diehard fan base, and an opportunity to sign, you know, a team that really played their way into it.”

What XSET Has Said on the News

The launch of the XSET Rainbow Six team was made via Ubisoft, following the teams’ success in the second phase of the US Challenger League. With Tempo Storm and eUnited having both exited the scene, XSET was able to earn promotion to the NAL. Having his say on the news, Filthy stated that: “Thomas, Drip and I had our eyes on Creators for a long time,” Filthy said. “We’ve always known he was a phenomenal player. He was on the new look Soniqs. When we played them in Invite Quals, I kind of had to coax him a little bit to not sign with them. I’m like, yeah, dude, we have this here, we have the foundation.”

Upcoming NAL matches will take place offline, which was the original plan at its launch at the Six Invitational last year. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that recent events have been forced online. XSET coach “Brycer” stated his belief that the LAN League would be a benefit to the NA region as a whole:
“Now there’ll be no teams that have a specific advantage due to having a team house,” he said. “We’ve seen this in previous Pro League seasons, where a team with a team house is much more likely to do well, because they’re all living together, they’re practicing more, they don’t have other jobs, things like that. So that’s going to give everyone that level playing field.”

When We Will See XSET in Action

The NAL scene in 2021 will be made up of three stages, making it similar to the Pro League from ESL. Best-of-one matches will take place over seven weeks, before three playdays are held during the final week of the season. Offline matches will ger underway in the NAL at the end of March.

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