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Warzone: Fans want Gulag back

The current Nuketown spin-off is not very popular among Warzone players. There is talk about unfair spawns and unequal chances in direct 1v1.

When Activision linked the most recent Call of Dutys, not only were the weapons from Cold War added to Warzone, but the Gulag, the final resting place of the losers, was also swapped. What was once a Modern Warfare 2-inspired, symmetrically mirrored area is now Nuketown Light.

„If there is no symmetry, one side will always be at a disadvantage,“ writes one frustrated editor.

Nuketown – fan favorite meets hate

Nuketown is considered one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty history. That's why Activision surely imagined the reception of the Nuketown gulag to be different than it actually turns out to be. Fans are increasingly criticizing the map for being unfair due to its structure and giving one side a clear advantage.

„40 percent of my deaths in the gulag are because my opponent camps behind the car,“ writes one highly voted editor.

Spawning on the left side allows you to hide behind a car, which gives you large-scale protection from your opponent's bullets while also giving you an overview of the lanes. The community talks about a headglitch that leaves the opponent almost defenseless.

On the opposite side is the argument that jumping to the car for this is highly risky and you are an easy target for the competitor. Reddit discusses and debates many other issues such as stuns, LMGs, and the like, but the Warzone community seems to be united on one point: They don't like the current layout of the Gulags.


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