Valorant: Riot Games reveals more about the accuracy of weapons and classified games

Riot Games has just announced, in a question and answer session, to work on the accuracy of weapons during the race and the ranking system.

We learned a few weeks ago that Riot Games was working on the accuracy of weapons, especially the Vandal and the Phantom, which are very accurate even during the race. The editor of Valorant has just announced in a Q&A session that changes will be made in patch 2.02. They should not be too big in order to “not change too many systems at once” and that “the shooting doesn’t look dramatically different”.

Riot Games also took the opportunity to answer questions about the new rating system. Indeed, some players complained about the faster progression of their secondary account compared to their main account. During the next patch, patches will be implemented to take advantage of reduced queue times but also of the changes on the MMR.

Last season’s top ranked players will start to gain more ranking score with each win and lose less with each loss. Although these changes will affect higher ranked players more than lower ranked players, the lower ranked players will also be able to climb faster. We should know more about these changes before the upcoming episode 2 act II. To view all the Riot Games announcements, click on this link.

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