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Valorant ranked gets no map picks and bans

The number of maps in Valorant continues to grow, and players began to wonder if Riot Games might add a pick and ban system in the ranked game mode. However, Riot has already responded, confirming that unfortunately the feature will not be added anytime soon.

As the mysterious world of Valorant continues to expand, more and more players are asking for a pick and ban system in Ranked play.

Now that the system is available during esports tournaments, as for example during the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), it is clear that it is possible. However, Riot has deliberately chosen not to add this option to the original version of the game.

In their Ask Valorant blog from May 19, the developers not only mention that the feature will not be added in Ranked, but also explained why they don't see the need for it outside of the high-level competitive atmosphere.

Riot Games will not be adding a pick and ban feature

Riot has confirmed that no pick and ban system is going to be added to the game's standard ranked play. The developers urge players to „try all the maps“ rather than simply avoid the ones they don't like.

„This is not something we are currently planning for the ranked version of Valorant, as at this point we really want players to learn how to best play all maps (rather than always avoiding specific maps),“ writes Competitive Designer, Jon Walker.

„That said, we believe a pick/ban system is worth exploring in an environment suited to complex team strategies, like our upcoming tournament mode. It's still a work-in-progress, but we see the potential of the system, for example, when teams have prepared different plays.“

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