This is the goal for Worlds 2020

With less than 24 hours to go before the 2020 Worlds begin, the League of Legends goal is halfway there. However, there are many fans who only have contact with the game during this time and are not sure how this goal has worked throughout the season.

That’s why this article will mostly be aimed at those types of people, although it can also be directed at regular spectators of a particular league but have not had time to see how some champions in other regions worked. Thus, people who have not been able to watch LCK or LPL may be aware of what kind of champions have appeared throughout most of the summer, since since spring there were several changes with some perma-picks like Varus or Aphelios.

Renekton in Asia and Gangplank in Europe

Currently the toplane is being dominated by champions who depend on themselves, as the main objective this season is to get the dragon soul. Thus, very few teams have their greatest asset in the toplane; in the big teams, possibly only Nuguri will be the one to hold the reins of DAMWON together with Showmaker.

In Europe they have a much higher priority to choose Gangplank or Shen, which have global definiteities with which you can help any of the other lines quickly. Unlike Asia, they have much higher priority for a champion who has much more independence from his line and is in charge of pressing and holding the rival toplaner.

Even so, there is always the possibility of choosing the tank preferred by competitive toplaners such as Ornn as he has a lot of use with his ultimate and passive to help the team in group fights. If they prefer to win the line and have much more priority and more options for running, Jayce and Camille are very good options for the top lane.

Power Farming leads the jungle

Unlike the toplane, the jungle is one of the main assets for most teams if they want to achieve victory. The protagonists of this season have been the champions who clean up the jungle the fastest so that they can revolutionize the game as soon as possible. Thus, characters such as Nidalee or Graves have been quite chosen especially by the Asians.

In Europe, the buff a Hecarim made him the protagonist in quite a few games, besides the new champion Lillia with whom Shadow feels more than comfortable. The buff to Evelynn also gave him protagonism in LEC next to Sett, who has been another of the most chosen champions, especially by Jankos.

However, it is worth remembering that there is always an ace up the sleeve in practically every jungle that enters the World Cup: Lee Sin. The monk will always be a good asset when the jungle doesn’t know what to choose, as he is one of the most comfortable picks in most jungles. Although who knows, some Shen may still appear as it has happened in Europe and North America.

Control of line and roam in the midlane

The most important line of the competition will be played mainly by control mages and a lot of magic damage by the western teams. Orianna, Akali or Lucian will be the main picks for Nemesis, Humanoid or Larssen to try to deny the Asian power and talent in this line.

On the other hand, Asians are much more likely to help other lines with champions that have a lot of mobility around the map. Twisted Fate and Galio will be the protagonists when we see DragonX or JD Gaming play in group phase. However, they also know how to play very well stock market mages like Akali or LeBlanc in order to perform skirmishes and quickly eliminate the main source of power of the rival team.

Even so, there are an infinite number of champions that can appear in this lane. Syndra and Zoe will be the main fear for those facing Caps or Knight, although Sylas will have a great presence in the World Cup due to the great buff she received in the last patch focused on the Worlds.

Climbing shooters will be the stars of the Worlds goal.

Another of the positions that have great importance in this tournament is that of shooter. The main physical damage of the game will be centered in the lower line, and in this goal the champions that lead this line will be mainly climbing. Caitlyn has played a leading role in all major competitions, with a near 100% presence in all tournaments. Ashe has been the other shooter with an incredible presence in the competition, so we won’t hesitate to see her more than once.

Ezreal and Kalista have been another pair we have seen in the botlane, as their snowball can be lethal when the game is more advanced. However, Jhin has had more prominence in Asia because she has a lot of rank like Caitlyn and her definite is much more consistent than the Sheriff of Piltover.

As more situational picks, we will be able to see Aphelios and Kai’sa if the previous shooters are banned. The Aphelios buff on the last patch may give him more of a presence at the World Cup, although we’ll see if the 200 years of experience hasn’t thrown him off balance again.

Engage and CC play the supporting role

The support role is possibly the most underrated of the competitive roles. The importance of a good botlane in this goal is totally crucial if we want to have dominance in the game. That is why the weight of the supporters in the World Cup will have a lot of weight throughout the tournament. Nautilus and Leona are already classics in this type of competition due to their great commitment and usefulness to the team, since they have a great facility to withstand blows and to start a teamfight.

However, Bardo will be the protagonist for the oriental teams since they are highly specialized in the wandering guardian. On the European side we will have another champion with a hook in his skills such as Thresh, who since ancient times has had a place in the competitive scene.

Other champions that could appear in this role could be Sett, Shen or Karma. These three champions are Flex picks and will depend on their match-up to know if they are viable in this role, as they could occupy practically any other line on the map. Even so, Yuumi or Pantheon could take the lead together with Jhin, since they have very good synergy with the virtuoso.


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