Olofmeister, the Swedish Counter-Strike Icon

The Counter-Strike scene has provided great names for the history of sports. From pioneering legends like Sal ‘Volcano’ Garozzo to more recent stars like the historic Christopher ‘GeT_RiGht’ Alesund. Names that make headlines when they change teams or decide to hang up the mouse, such as Olof ‘Olofmeister’ Kajbjer, one of Sweden’s greatest players of all time.

We’ll take a look at the career of a player who has been named the best in the world, and we’ll talk about Olofmeister as one of the great legends of Counter-Strike, although we might not be able to enjoy his game in professional competitions again. A few weeks ago the Duvet decided to announce his temporary retirement from the competitive scene. Olofmeister, one of the most prominent figures in the FaZe Clan team, was taking a break from the game for an indefinite period of time, as he made known in a press release published on the official FaZe Clan Twitter account.

In it, Olofmeister announced that he decided to take a temporary break because he needed a break from the competition: “I have been feeling more and more tired lately, and I have been losing the motivation needed to keep up with my teammates and team. The player, who has never spoken of a definitive withdrawal, wanted to make it clear that he still enjoys the game and his scene, but that he needs to stop to “recover and think about the future”.

The reactions were not long in coming in the Counter-Strike community, where many fans regret this break in the career of the Swedish player considered a legend in CS:GO. There are even those who consider that it could be the end of the career of one of the most media-friendly players on the scene, despite closing his statement with a “we’ll see each other again”. A career full of successesOlofmeister’s career began in 2010 on Counter-Strike, although the successes of his sporting career would come later on in CS:GO, especially after his signing with Fnatic in 2014.

Serving with the veteran European organization, he won several top-level titles, including two majors at the ESL One in Katowice and Cologne in 2015, when he was named the world’s best player. With the North American organization he has conquered other tournaments of great level like ESL One New York 2017 or the ELEAGUE Premier 2017, although some of the most outstanding majors of Valve have escaped him. In 2016, a wrist injury forced him to miss part of the season, and he has moved to the reserve in FaZe on as many as two occasions for personal reasons.

Now 28 years old and a decade into his professional career, Olofmeister announces that he is moving to the reserve for a brand that has made a name for itself in the Counter-Strike competition arena, with other well-known and veteran players such as Brazilian Marcelo ‘Coldzera’ David.Olofmeister’s last appearance on the professional circuit was at the European regional ESL One: Road to Rio, where FaZe was relegated to third place after losing to Astralis and G2. The relay has been taken by Danish player Markus Kjaerbye, although we will have to wait and see how FaZe fits into the absence of Olofmeister. So far, the best result has come at the Intel Extreme Masters XV – New York Online: Europe, where FaZe has taken the gold.

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