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hns and MistFire featured in BegRIP's new venture The well-known organization Begrip which was a nursery during the previous Counter-Strike
Flusha convicted of tax evasion This shouldn't happen to him a second time. Robin 'Flusha' Rönnquist has been sentenced to
zyWoO extends contract with Team Vitality until 2024 French star player Mathieu 'ZyWoO' Herbaut has extended his contract with Team
Felo Joins Dallas Empire
Felo Joins Dallas Empire Ahead of 2021 Call of Duty League Roster changes continue during the Call of Duty League
Riot declares war on Smurfs Smurf accounts are increasingly becoming a problem in Valorant's Ranked Mode. Now Riot wants to
Valorant Yoru
Valorant: Yoru & Patch Notes 2.0 At the start of the second episode, a new duelist arrives in Valorant -
Valorant: Riot sues cheat website Cheat manufacturer and distributor GatorCheats is facing a gigantic lawsuit. Riot Games and Bungie have
Mini Set
The first Hearthstone Mini Set The Hearthstone developers have come up with something new: From now on, every expansion will
Cloud9 separates from Woxic
Cloud9 separates from Woxic The personnel merry-go-round at Cloud9 continues to spin: after only four months, the team has surprisingly
PUBG 2: Successor almost ready PUBG 2 and its mobile version are apparently about to be announced. In addition, the
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