LoL: Viego banned for bug

It’s not uncommon for new champions to enter the League of Legends Rift completely overpowered at release, but Viego’s latest bug tops it all.

It actually seemed like Riot Games had managed to unleash a more or less balanced new champion on the Rift when Viego was released. Since its release at the end of January, the 154th champion has blended into the existing meta pretty silently. Aside from the usual buffs and nerfs that can hit any champion depending on performance, there have hardly been any major noticeable issues with the Ruined King.

However, it seems that people rejoiced too soon: for the past two days, Viego has been unplayable in the solo cue.

The reason for this is a bug that allows Viego players to destroy towers with just one hit. This is basically quite simple to bring about. All you need is the Dark Seal item and a kill. After that, you had to transform into the just-eliminated champion with the help of Viego’s own ability and then let yourself be executed by an enemy tower.

After that, the bug kicks in, starting from the Dark Seal, which gives Viego infinite AP damage all at once. This, of course, is enough to “one-shot” any tower with a simple auto attack. In addition to that, he can completely heal himself with one hit while using his Q, which makes it just about impossible to stop such a bugged Viego.

As a result, players who discovered this bug early on were able to rise through the ranks at a furious rate. The other side of the coin was defeated opposing teams, who were not only baffled, but also completely without a chance. Riot Games reacted accordingly and took Viego out of circulation.

It is not yet known when the jungler will be playable again in the solo cue.

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