Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.3.0 nerfs Aphelios

Since yesterday 20 o’clock the new expansion “Empires of the Ascended” is online. While nine new champions enter the battlefield with it, an older one has been generated.

The introduction of “Empires of the Ascended” will shake up the existing meta in Legends of Runeterra. 110 new cards, three fresh keywords, and most importantly, nine brand new champions will ensure that new tactics need to be fathomed, old ones refined and adapted.

In light of this expected meta shift, Riot Games itself is already lending a hand, nerfing Aphelios, a champion that has proven too strong even independent of the new expansion.

Aphelios becomes more fragile

With its five different weapon forms, Aphelios in Legends of Runeterra, as in its MOBA big brother League of Legends, represents one of the most versatile champions in the game. In order to better counter this versatility, the creators reduced the life energy of the Targonian champion as a first step. This means he is now a 3|2 or 4|3 unit.

Furthermore, Riot lets it be known that they will continue to keep an eye on Aphelios’ development. If he still overperforms despite the nerf, a second downgrade doesn’t seem out of the question.

Mastery now also in LoR

Besides the nerf for Aphelios and of course the implementation of the new expansion, the patch also brings a small but nice feature that is already known from League of Legends: The Mastery of the individual champions.

The principle works exactly like in LoL. With each game the played champion receives so-called Mastery Points. Depending on how high his total score is, the player climbs up to five ranks with this champion. In addition to the associated badge on the map of the corresponding champion, mastery point farming also earns experience points for the event pass.

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