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Echo Endo Vibrant Vixen Skin

Stepping into the fray of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, the Echo Endo Vibrant Vixen tracer pack introduces a dynamic aesthetic to the player's collection. It is the latest addition to the Echo Endo skin series, known for adding a visually striking flair to the gaming experience. The Vibrant Vixen pack, in particular, infuses a neon burst into the player's weaponry, enabling them to make a statement with every encounter on the battlefield.

The bundle not only enhances a player's visual game but also offers a practical edge with an array of items designed for customization and impact. Gamers can anticipate a tailored operator skin, exclusive weapon blueprints, and other distinctive items that combine functionality with style. The new pack is poised to offer a comprehensive solution for players looking to refresh their strategies and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of these popular online shooters.

Elevate Your Game with the Vibrant Vixen Skin

Content of the Vibrant Vixen Tracer Pack

  • Abe „Jet“ Kaede's Vibrant Vixen skin with a dynamic black, orange, and blue design
  • Fox-Bite blueprint for the FR 5.56 with „VwV :3“ tracers and dismemberment
  • Danger Spark blueprint for the Sidewinder
  • Additional in-game items: „She’s a Killer“ decal, „Peace and Love“ sticker, „Looks Can Kill“ charm
  • Complimentary Battle Pass tier skip

Enhancements From the FR 5.56 Fox-Bite Blueprint

Part Benefit
Barrel 600mm FR Longbore for extended range
Optic SZ HM5 Hybrid for precision aiming
Ammunition 5.56 NATO High Grain for greater velocity
Magazine 45 Round Mag for sustained fire

Features of the Sidewinder Danger Spark Blueprint

Component Advantage
Conversion Kit JAK Thunder LMG for increased ammo and damage range
Muzzle STER45 Skyfury Compensator L for enhanced recoil control
Optic Slate Reflector for clear target acquisition
Stock RB Precision Heavy for improved stability
Rear Grip RB Borealis Grip for better grip and recoil control

Echo Endo Vibrant Vixen Tracer Pack Price

The cost for the Echo Endo Vibrant Vixen Tracer Pack in the game's store is 2,400 COD Points, equating to approximately $20.

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