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Leaked Valorant Holomoku Skin Bundle

VALORANT's store is set to introduce the Holomoku skin bundle, offering a fresh aesthetic for the game's armory. This new set draws its inspiration from the nautical world, complete with designs reminiscent of the vast sea. For those keen on giving their gear an Outlaw-themed makeover, the Holomoku bundle stands out as an exciting addition, providing a skin that captures the essence of maritime adventure.

After the enigmatic allure of the Mystbloom skin bundle, anticipation has been building for the next big release. Leaks have surfaced providing insights into this upcoming collection, poised to satisfy the community's desire for a distinctive skin for the Outlaw sniper rifle. The introduction of the Holomoku skin emerges as a celebration for fans, allowing them to equip their snipers with the skin they've been waiting for.

Leaked Details on VALORANT's Holomoku Collection

A recent revelation has disclosed a forthcoming VALORANT skin collection named Holomoku. This collection is slated to include diverse skins:

  • Melee: Sword with a shark tooth motif
  • Sidearm: Frenzy
  • Rifles: Phantom and Bulldog
  • Signature: Outlaw

The design aesthetics of Holomoku skins are heavily influenced by maritime themes, showcasing oceanic hues and sharp contours, reflective of island heritage. Additionally, these skins bring to light a player card that complements the aquatic motif, portraying a night-time ocean navigator against a vista of stars.

VALORANT Holomoku Bundle Details

The cost and availability date for the anticipated Holomoku bundle in VALORANT remain undisclosed. Yet, with the Mystbloom collection nearing its departure from the game's store, players should anticipate the Holomoku bundle to be accessible imminently.


  • Theme: Nautical
  • Availability: Expected soon following the Mystbloom bundle

This bundle's introduction coincides with in-game updates including a minor enhancement to Brimstone's abilities and various bug rectifications anticipated in patch 8.09. Brimstone, who has been less utilized in professional play, might receive more game time owing to these adjustments.

Stay alert for further information on the Holomoku bundle which will be shared as soon as available. These updates, along with coverage on the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), will be promptly reported, keeping the community updated on all fronts.

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