David Beckham goes public with his eSports equipment

It will be this fall in London to raise funds to attract new players. David Beckham’s eSports team plans to list on the London Stock Exchange this fall to raise funds to attract new players, the video game company has reported.

Guild Esports, which has video games such as Counter Strike and Fortnite, will be the first in the sector on the London Stock Exchange and will be the first to be listed in view of the growing popularity of these games.

It is estimated that last year 443 million people participated in eSports games and in 2017 the League of Legends tournament reached an audience of 106 million people. David Beckham, former Manchester United and England national team player, is a founding shareholder and member of the company’s board of directors.

Experts estimate that the market value of the company will exceed 770 million pounds (831 million euros) in 2020 and 1,200 million pounds (1,296 million euros) in 2023. The Guild will focus on building teams to compete in major tournaments and hopes to establish a training program based on the Premier League model.

Experts estimate that the company’s market value will exceed 770 million pounds (831 million euros) by 2020

Their teams will be focused on four games: Fortnite, CS:Go, Rocket League and Fifa. eSports has an audience of nearly 500 million people and generated revenues of about $1 billion last year. Guild Esports hopes to raise £20 million (21.6 million euros) to sign about 20 professional players by the end of next year and increase investment in the business.

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