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5 reasons for the popularity of e-sports

E-sports is not about a few nerds playing computer games. It's about championships, professional competitions, and also a lot of money. What is normal for digital natives seems very questionable to older generations. In fact, e-sports are becoming more popular every day. But what are the reasons for this trend?

Certainly, one cause can be found in the winning options. Many place their Netbet sports bets online, where they can reap good profits if they have sufficient expertise. Unlike conventional gambling, winning and losing at NetBet are not subject to chance alone. It is all about knowledge of the competitors, odds and potential winnings.

When betting, participants do not just commit to winning or losing. They also bet, for example, on certain numbers of goals or on other events within the game. In addition, bets can be constantly changed and adapted to new conditions. The following 5 reasons make e-sports so popular.

1. Adrenaline while watching

It sounds familiar to many soccer players: Family members, fans and friends are cheering along with their favorite athletes on the sidelines. The mood is exuberant. With an ice-cold bottle of beer and the right people, the evening at the soccer field is a lot of fun. Exciting moments of play, missed opportunities and penalties get everyone's adrenaline pumping.

The same goes for betting on e-sports. Betting fans use digital applications for e-sports and place their bets via their mobile devices. Along the way, they watch live broadcasts of their chosen e-sports and can also follow along with digital games in real life. Entire groups often get together for this purpose. Joy and sorrow are thus not mutually exclusive in e-sports. It is precisely these emotions and their dynamics that appeal directly to sports fans.

Broadcasting e-sports competitions with the help of livestreams is extremely contemporary. Young athletes and fans love this way of interacting with tournaments of all kinds. They especially like to decide to participate in e-sports betting. They find out whether they have won or not directly via smartphone, PC or tablet. Betting couldn't be easier.

2. Enthusiasm for the sport

In the digital age, laziness is becoming more and more prevalent. Many people are extremely busy in their everyday lives. In the evening, they just want to enjoy the peace and quiet in front of the TV at home or the PC. Nevertheless, they are missing a kick in their everyday life. Those who don't have time for their own sporting activities like to join e-sports groups on the Internet. Together, the group fuels the individual's interest. That's another reason that makes e-sports so popular.

Athletes are also about cohesion. Shared moments are increasingly coming up short in society. Many people don't have time for sports activities in a group. They look to the Internet for a suitable balance. Here there is a huge amount of communities for e-sportsmen and fans. Livestreams and YouTube channels related to the topic contribute to the real group feeling.

3. The stories of the athletes

Real sport consists of athletes who have been in contact with training from childhood. They have a perfect physique, well-matched muscles, they cannot afford mistakes. The penchant for perfection is still a big issue in sports today. In e-sports, participants take a different approach. The design of the competition areas makes it possible for people with difficult histories to participate in the sport.

Some have had severe strokes of fate such as the death of loved ones or serious illnesses. Others are in the midst of a life crisis. In the age of the Internet and influencers, these affected individuals provide constant education. They are active on social media and provide information about their problems. These stories make e-sports alive and exciting in a way that perfection in real sports never can be.

4. No challenge for people with impairment

People with disabilities basically have poor chances of advancing in sports. They are dependent on the goodwill of their sports teachers and coaches. Only very few talented people actually reach the top. Most athletes with physical disabilities watch their idols from the TV. E-sports make no distinctions between people. Anyone with the necessary skills can take part. And that involves training as well as enjoyment.

Mentally ill people are included as well. Do e-sportsmen suffer from an anxiety or panic disorder, are they depressed, or do they have to deal with the consequences of burnout? In no case does this stand in their way of a career in e-sports. In this respect, too, e-sports is explicitly differentiated from real sports. Psychological difficulties are considered weaknesses here. The athlete is declared unfit.

Likewise, people with mental disabilities have direct access to e-sports. Those affected have had exclusive access to the digital world all their lives. The former place of escape is turning into a potential source of income for them. Parents of affected children are extremely proud. E-sports offers people a chance in life who have already been written off elsewhere. This is what the community around e-sports appreciates and cites as a major advantage.

5. The prize money in the eight-digit range

Incredible prize money is possible at the World Cup. Of course, the betting shops run hot during this time. It's no different in e-sports. Some tournaments go with incredible prize amounts. Depending on the time, bet and athlete, prize money in the eight-digit range has been possible in the past. Betting enthusiasts bet on a wide variety of events. Experience plays a subordinate role in some types of betting.

E-sports do not only focus on experienced participants. Beginners who have just discovered their passion for e-sports also benefit from prize money. Of course, they don't collect as much as experienced bettors. However, with a little bit of luck, talent and knowledge, the winnings are still worth it. Important: Participants should never go beyond their limits. It is better to invest less than to be annoyed by a higher loss later on.

In the future, sports on the Internet will become more and more popular. With the spread of the sport on the net, the prize money is also constantly increasing. This makes e-sports far more interesting for other sports fans as well. Already, fans can join various groups. Meetings, local events and other events are already part of everyday life in e-sports. Many participants know each other personally. A kind of family has emerged on the Internet that pursues great goals together.

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