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Wuthering Waves 1.0 Banners

The gaming community is abuzz with the arrival of the highly anticipated game Wuthering Waves, which has introduced an array of characters each vying for players‘ attention. As gamers invest their in-game currency, known as Radiant Tides, they stand a chance to unlock these characters through the game's gacha system, or more specifically, the ‚Convene banners‘. These banners feature time-sensitive opportunities to acquire specific characters, giving players the chance to enhance their rosters strategically.

Understanding the mechanics of Wuthering Waves‘ gacha system is crucial for gamers seeking to make the most of their draws. The system incorporates a ‚pity‘ feature, which ensures that players are awarded a character after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, specifically after 80 draws. This structure adds a layer of predictability and strategy for those aiming to plan their character acquisition and utilize their draws efficiently.

Featured Characters and Equipment in Initial Wuthering Waves Banners

Initial Release Character and Weapon Details

The introductory segment of the banners begins on May 22, 2024, concluding on June 11, 2024. At the forefront is Jiyan, the renowned five-star commander of the Midnight Rangers, hailing from Jinzhou.

  • Characters and Weapons for the Opening Banner:
    • Jiyan: 5-star, Aero element, wields a Broadblade
    • Danjin: 4-star, Havoc element, carries a Sword
    • Chixia and Mortefi: Both 4-star, Fusion element, equipped with Pistols

Along with these characters, the initial weapon assembly spotlights the 5-star Broadblade known as Verdant Summit, Jiyan's weapon of choice. Accompanying are 4-star armaments including Dauntless Evernight, Augment, and Hollow Mirage.

Subsequent Banner Character and Weapon Roster

Following the initial phase, the second selection of banners runs from June 11 to July 11, 2024. Yinlin takes center stage, a formidable five-star Jinzhou Patroller with layers of mystery.

  • Phase 2 Characters and Weapons:
    • Yinlin: 5-star, Electro element, utilizes a Rectifier
    • Taoqi: 4-star, Havoc element, armed with a Broadblade
    • Aalto: 4-star, Aero element, armed with a Pistol
    • Yuanwu: 4-star, Electro element, uses a Gauntlet

The accompanying weapon banner brings the 5-star Stringmaster, Yinlin's preferred weapon into the fray, alongside 4-stars including Jinzhou Keeper, Cadenza, and Lunar Cutter.

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