We play Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most anticipated games of the last years

One of the most anticipated games of the last few years is here. At last we can enter the universe of Cyberpunk 2077, the new CD creation Projekt Red whose reception has been tumultuous, with 8 million reservations, it was to be expected that its premiere would be gigantic, although not without controversy. In spite of everything, it has been a successful launch with very positive reviews from the specialized press. And it has done so while surpassing the million spectators in Twitch and the million PC players in Steam in just a few hours.

After the numerous delays that have led the game to the new generation, Cyberpunk 2077 has finally reached the libraries of many eager players. And what we must highlight first and foremost is the overwhelming graphic environment in which we are introduced. A universe of its own that puts before our feet the vast scenario that Night City draws, an aesthetic jewel with a good dose of narrative. We are before a game full of details where the years of work are noticed -we have played the PC version where there are no bugs that ruin the game experience-, and it is very tempting to get lost in the photo mode and forget the story, a story that takes us into a very narrative universe in which it is easy to get lost. The essence of The Witcher and the best games of the genre is evident, so there are two ways to play this Cyberpunk 2077: stick to the main adventure and advance in the game or get lost in the missions and secondary objectives.

Here it is the player who has to decide how many hours he wants to devote to this game, because it has much content to offer, although at some points of the game we have the feeling that there is a corset that makes us feel less free than we would like and leads us to missions with a design that we have seen in other games and are far from innovative. We are in a very original aesthetic world, although the hypersexualization that the title shows perhaps doesn’t fit in the story in some moments. We also miss a greater diversity, something that was supposedly one of the strengths of Cyberpunk 2077’s genre-less approach. On paper, the creation of our character and the options we choose during the story will have different consequences, but we miss a perhaps more ambitious path in this aspect.Cyberpunk 2077 brings an interesting gameplay, although it may upset those who approach this game in search of the futuristic shooter it seems in some of its promotional videos. There are weapons, yes, but the game is a role-playing adventure and not an action game, and the combat system is not one of the strong points of this title.

With a spirit that breathes the foundations of Mike Pondsmith’s original role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077 seeks to immerse the player in the particular society of Night City, the philosophy of its bands and the collusion with the system. If you’re looking for a quick and easy experience with instant doses of adrenaline, you’ve come to the wrong game.

The best experience is in PCTras the launch of the game, Internet has been filled with captures and images of the failures and bugs of Cyberpunk 2077, especially in its versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Poorly modeled characters, erratic behavior of NPCs and actions that disrupt the physics of the game.

A stain on a premiere that has given a more stable game to PC players, but a bittersweet feeling to the console. For the content creators, especially interesting is the configuration menu that allows us to deactivate the music with copyright or the nude censorship, an option that can save us some trouble if we create content about the game or do direct. The game is demanding and, if you play in PC, you are going to need a good equipment to enjoy to the maximum everything what it offers. However, it’s far from a graphic revolution if you’re used to playing other recent blockbusters, although the aesthetic approach is tremendously original. Despite that feeling that limits the experience in some missions, the open world of Cyberpunk 2077 is a delight.

The aesthetic packaging is its great strength and it doesn’t disappoint in that aspect if you have a good PC. Cyberpunk 2077 will please you if you like role-playing games and have no objection to getting lost in some missions and listening to purely narrative dialogues. It also remains to be seen what the multiplayer brings to a title whose essence is single player, a good debut for a good game whose stain comes from one of the big problems of Cyberpunk 2077. The curse of the release dates that prevail in the industry since its very creation and that has tarnished the premiere of a game that can become one of the great titles of the decade.

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