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Valves Global Ranking for CS2 Esports

Valve's introduction of global rankings for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) esports has brought a new dimension to the competitive landscape. This move integrates the regional powerhouses into a cohesive world ranking, offering fans and analysts a comprehensive view of the esport's top teams.

Current Rankings:

Rank Team Players Points
1 MOUZ Brollan, Jimpphat, siuhy, torzsi, xertioN 1990
2 FaZe Clan broky, frozen, karrigan, rain, ropz 1937
3 Team Spirit chopper, donk, magixx, sh1ro, zont1x 1930
4 Vitality apEX, flameZ, mezii, Spinx, ZywOo 1928
5 G2 huNter-, m0NESY, nexa, NiKo, Stewie2K 1900
6 The MongolZ 910, bLitz, mzinho, Senzu, Techno 1837
7 Natus Vincere Aleksib, b1t, iM, jL, w0nderful 1829
8 Astralis br0, device, jabbi, Staehr, stavn 1827
9 Eternal Fire Calyx, MAJ3R, Wicadia, woxic, XANTARES 1709
10 HEROIC degster, kyxsan, NertZ, sjuush, TeSeS 1660
11 Liquid cadiaN, NAF, skullz, Twistzz, YEKINDAR 1659
12 electroNic, fame, FL1T, Jame, n0rb3r7 1650
13 Complexity EliGE, floppy, Grim, hallzerk, JT 1617
14 Ninjas in Pyjamas alex, isak, maxster, r1nkle, REZ 1523
15 MIBR brnz4n, drop, exit, insani, saffee 1511
16 BetBoom KaiR0N-, Magnojez, nafany, s1ren, zorte 1498
17 FURIA chelo, FalleN, KSCERATO, kye, yuurih 1493
18 Falcons dupreeh, Maden, Magisk, Snappi, SunPayus 1450
19 paiN Gaming biguzera, kauez, lux, nqz, snow 1441
20 BIG JDC, Krimbo, prosus, syrsoN, tabseN 1410

The rankings, updated regularly, reflect the performances and consistency of teams across various tournaments. MOUZ currently leads, demonstrating superior form and strategy. Teams like FaZe Clan and Team Spirit follow closely, indicating a highly competitive environment.

Natus Vincere and Astralis, historically prominent teams, maintain their relevance in the global scene. Emerging teams like The MongolZ and BetBoom show that the competition is not limited to traditional powerhouses but includes rising talent from various regions.

These rankings influence tournament seedings and team strategies, as higher-ranked teams gain favorable positions and visibility. For fans, the rankings provide a clear picture of the competitive hierarchy and key matchups to watch. The dynamic nature of the rankings ensures ongoing excitement as teams strive to improve their standings.

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