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Valorant Sovereign 2.0 Bundle

The much-anticipated Sovereign 2.0 skin bundle has officially been announced for VALORANT, bringing a touch of royalty to the game's arsenal. This bundle, building on the legacy of its predecessor, will outfit several new weapons with the luxurious Sovereign design, which has been a favorite among players for its elegant aesthetics.

Riot Games has released a brief trailer, giving players a glimpse of the weapons adorned with the Sovereign 2.0 skins in action. For fans eager to elevate their in-game experience, the details on this new collection are now accessible, revealing the skins that are about to make their grand entrance into the VALORANT universe.

VALORANT Sovereign 2.0 Bundle Contents

The VALORANT Sovereign 2.0 collection offers a regal weapon skin set, featuring:

  • Phantom
  • Odin
  • Judge
  • Frenzy
  • Eternal Sovereign (Melee)

Additionally, the set includes aesthetic accessories:

  • A unique Spray
  • An exclusive Player Card
  • A special Gun Buddy

Players can customize their weapons with color variations—including gold, teal, green, and red—by utilizing Radianite Points. Extra effects like a victory banner and an impressive round-ending animation are unlockable enhancements.

Bundle Price

The VALORANT Sovereign 2.0 collection is priced at a total of 7,100 VP for those aiming to acquire the full set. For individual purchases:

  • Single Weapon Skins: Each at 1,175 VP
  • Melee Weapon: Priced at 4,350 VP
  • Extras:
    • Spray: 325 VP
    • Player Card: 375 VP
    • Gun Buddy: 475 VP

Buyers should note that these prices reflect the premium quality and content of the bundle.

Availability of the VALORANT Sovereign 2.0 Bundle

The VALORANT Sovereign 2.0 bundle became available for purchase on March 27, 2024. Upon release, the bundle featured a 21-day availability period in the in-game shop, which concludes on April 17, 2024, signaling the last day players can acquire the bundle's contents.

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