Valorant: Riot sues cheat website

Cheat manufacturer and distributor GatorCheats is facing a gigantic lawsuit. Riot Games and Bungie have joined forces to do so.

After several cheats spread in Riot Games’ tactics shooter Valorant and in Bungie’s Destiny 2, the two publishers are now taking united action against a distributor. The website GatorCheats, led by Cameron Santos, is facing a million-dollar lawsuit.

Developers defend themselves against Aimbots and Co.

Bungie and Riot claim that these cheats were distributed via a website, but also via various chat software and email. These can be purchased from around 90 US dollars, and a “lifetime subscription” for around 500 US dollars is also possible.

These include aimbots and information cheats that can provide information about the opponent’s life meter and equipment.In an earlier case, Bungie had “asked” GatorCheats to cease and desist. The operators stated that further sales would be prevented, but that the software already purchased would continue to be supported. The publisher’s lawyers assume that the cheats are still being sold, but under the table.

Riot and Bungie put their joint damages at “potentially several million dollars” caused by GatorCheat’s business. The full indictment can be read here. The initial report on the lawsuit appeared at Polygon.

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