Vadorant: Patch brings map rework

Surprise patch 2.1 changes one of the few cards in the game for the first time to increase the chances of winning attackers. The Valorant community is celebrating this.

Just a few hours old was Patch 2.0, which brought a new act and agent Yoru into play when Riot unexpectedly revived the next update. The inconspicuous version number 2.1 hides the revision of a map for the first time. “You didn’t think we were gonna bring another patch right now?” is the official Twitter feed @PlayVALORANT.

Split seemed to be too uneven for the developers of Valorant, and it was also a defender-heavy map for the community. “This split update is designed to improve options for attackers, reduce 50/50 checks, and widen bottlenecks,” they announced in the patch notes.

Some of the best changes affect the B site. As can be seen in the pictures, the main bottleneck from the garage was significantly enlarged. This means defenders can no longer stop the entire attack on their own. The push through the garage has also been simplified by a privacy screen in the corridor. This is designed to simplify the use of abilities, according to Riot.

The Spike Plant range to B has also been minimally enlarged. But this is already enough to keep the spike from a new angle that was not possible before. Some of the most unpleasant 50/50 positions have been completely removed. These are positions that can only be pushed under risk because opponents could be on either side of a round. Vent Room in Mid, or screens, near Defender Spawn, are now a little safer in attack.

All in all, these are welcome changes that will come across positive feedback from the community. Of course, the first calls for updates to Icebox did not take long.

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