Unicorns of Love vs. LGD Gaming Betting Tip

Only one matchday of the Worlds Playins 2020 has been completed and the first big surprise has already been delivered. Contrary to expectations, the PCS representative PSG Talon dominated his first two games with three substitutes in the line-up. Especially surprising was the great victory over the top favorite of the Playins, LGD Gaming.

Now the representative of the LPL in group B is under enormous pressure and cannot afford any missteps. With the Unicorns of Love, however, only the actual main competitor is on the agenda of “xiye” and his team. On the first day of the game, the Unicorns were not yet to be seen, which makes it difficult to make an assessment, but after the team’s hammer season and their last appearance at the Worlds, a strong performance is to be expected.

Can the Unicorns of Love add another defeat to the top favorite LGD Gaming against the high odds?

On the third day of the Playins, Group B will be finished. The highlight of the day is the final match between LGD Gaming and Unicorns of Love, in which, according to the previous forecast, the two strongest teams in the group will compete against each other. The Worlds 2020 will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, the English cast can be found on the channel “Riot”.

Unicorns of Love – statistics & current form

Before the start of the Playins the Unicorns of Love were classified behind LGD Gaming as the clear second strongest force in group B regarding the odds. However, PSG’s “Upset” has caused the constellation to shake somewhat.

Unicorns of Love might even end up in first place now, but this would require a victory over PSG the day before and also a triumph over China’s LGD Gaming.

Strongest LCL team ever?

Some long-time fans might remember Albus Nox Luna, the first Wilcard team to make it into the playoffs. With this achievement the LCL team made itself immortal.

In 2020, the Unicorns will be a team on stage that can also be credited with such a feat. All five players are internationally tested and the results of the season are overwhelming. UoL suffered only two single defeats over two seasons and won both LCL titles. The protégés from the German coach “Sheepy” are ready for the big throw.

Will UoL provide the next surprise?

After the second day of play there will be a first impression of the Unicorns and especially the duel with PSG Talon will show how strong the team really is. However, Unicorns of Love currently have very high betting odds against LGD Gaming, so tips are appealing. In the top game, UoL’s jungler “AHaHaCiK” is the key player who has to take “Peanut” out of the game and restrict LGD’s crushing “Early Game”.

LGD already stumbled against the other competitor PSG and is under pressure. In contrast, UoL has little to lose and can only score against the Chinese.

LGD Gaming – Statistics & current form

LGD Gaming returns to the Worlds Stage after five years and the nightmare begins all over again. At that time, the troupe competed with superstars like “imp” and, as Chinese champions, was considered one of the top favorites. But then the team failed miserably in the group phase. Now this tragedy is threatening the Playins of the Worlds 2020.

Will LGD manage to turn the tide?

After the opening defeat against PSG, the question is what impact the match has left on the players. With V3, the Chinese have a feasible task in front of their chest before they go up against Unicorns of Love.

A win over UoL could bring first place back within reach for the Chinese, provided PSG loses to the LCL champion. In the game against Unicorns, “Peanut” and “xiye” in particular must perform, as they are the leading performers in the team and could not convince against PSG.

Is history repeating itself?

For esportbetting.net, the match Unicorns of Love against LGD Gaming cries out for a tip on the underdog. Unicorns are very proactive and have some pocket picks in store that could bring down the already battered LGD.

Individual talent is also available and in Bo1 format the underdog is always at an advantage, especially in international competition.

Unicorns of Love vs. LGD Gaming Taiwan, betting tip & prediction

The decision in Group B is due on the third matchday of the Worlds Playins 2020. The group will conclude with LGD Gaming against Unicorns of Love, a game that offers plenty of bets. According to the odds, the Chinese are the clear favorites, but in the defeat against PSG Talon, the team around Midlaner “xiye” already showed nerves.

Therefore, the betting base recommends an outsider tip on the Unicorns of Love victory over LGD Gaming at the high odds of 3.90 @Loot.Bet. The tip is played with four units.



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