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Tales of Kenzera Zau Release Date

Embark on an epic quest in Tales of Kenzera Zau, a captivating Metroidvania game crafted by Surgent Studios and introduced to gaming enthusiasts by Electronic Arts as part of its EA Originals lineup. Players step into the shoes of Zau, a brave young shaman, who embarks on a daunting journey to save his father from the grasp of the god of death.

Harnessing the mystical shamanic abilities, players must explore vividly rendered worlds teeming with ancient secrets and formidable foes. The game promises a blend of exploration, action-packed encounters, and a deep narrative that invites gamers to unlock the mysteries of a beautifully chaotic universe.

The Narrative of Tales of Kenzera: Zau

Setting: Enigmatic yet perilous landscapes of Kenzera.

Protagonist: Zau, aspirant spiritual healer.

Plot: Embark on a mystical voyage, channeling cosmic energies and confronting inner turmoil.

Objective: Prove one's worth as a healer, navigating through a world echoing with estranged ancestral entities.

Motivation: A Bantu fable left by a departed parent, coupled with the monumental task of negotiating with the deity of demise to mend a tormented spirit.

Challenges: A realm rife with history's silenced spirits, demanding both valor and newfound mystical prowess.

Experience: A solo expedition interweaving sorrow and healing, crafted through the eyes of an impassioned creator.

Exploring Kenzera Zau

In Kenzera Zau, players navigate through a series of side-scrolling levels reminiscent of timeless action games. The visual scenery is rendered in impressive 2.5D graphics that bring the game world to life.

  • Environments: Rich, layered backdrops
  • Audio: Compelling score by Nainita Desai

Combat is a combination of strategy and rhythm, requiring the use of solar and lunar powers to defeat a host of spirits, from the common soldiers to the formidable Impundulu and GaGorib.

Abilities Effects
Time Manipulation Freezes adversaries
Fire Projection Delivers incendiary strikes

As players delve deeper into the narrative, they discover a tapestry of lore drawn from Bantu mythology, revealing long-lost shamans and legendary beings.

Launch Timing and Supported Systems for Tales of Kenzera Zau

„Tales of Kenzera Zau“ is slated for release on April 23, 2024, and will be available on several gaming platforms, including PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X|S, and PC.

Purchasers who place their orders ahead of the release can enjoy these advantages:

  • A price reduction of 10%
  • Additional in-game rewards

The pre-order pricing across different digital storefronts is listed as US$17.99 with the exception of the Microsoft Store, which is to be confirmed. Here's how the pricing stands:

  • Steam: US$17.99
  • PlayStation Store: US$17.99
  • EA Store: US$17.99
  • Epic Games Store: US$17.99
  • Nintendo Store: US$17.99

Noteworthy in-game benefits for early buyers include:

  • A special „Kalunga’s Blessing“ visual effect
  • Two shaman points that allow unlocking of skills
  • Access to the „Soulshifters“ digital comic

Please note that these offers are subject to change. Players are encouraged to stay informed on the latest updates regarding „Tales of Kenzera Zau.“

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