PUBG 2: Successor almost ready

PUBG 2 and its mobile version are apparently about to be announced. In addition, the survival horror game “The Callisto Protocol” is in development.

The indications of two direct successors to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are growing stronger. A reporter interviewed the CEO of PUBG publisher KRAFTON and elicited some explosive news from Chang-han. According to this, in addition to two new PUBG games, a survival horror game in the PUBG universe is also in development.


Back on 6 January, PlayerIGN, a well-known dataminer on Twitter, shared supposed press releases about new PUBG titles. In the supposed press release, which has not yet been published by KRAFTON, information is given about the development of two PUBG titles. It is considered likely that these are PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2.

According to the press release, the development of the two successors is already well advanced. The interview reveals that the new Battle Royale mobile game (PUBG Mobile 2) will be announced in the second quarter and released by the end of 2021. A successor for consoles and PCs is also said to be in development and is scheduled for release in 2022.

KAFTON CEO Chang-han wants to expand the franchise enormously. Firstly, he has commissioned the development of a survival horror game, which is also to be released in 2022. Behind the project name “The Callisto Protocol” is a single-player experience created by the Dead Space developers.

Chang-han also confirmed that an animated series and web cartoon will be created based on PUBG. The company also hopes to make films and series in the PUBG universe in the future and plans to acquire suitable teams to do so.


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