Perkz’s 2-1 debut at the LCS, a grey debut with ups and downs

The hype generated by Perkz ahead of the LCS premiere in North America is undoubtedly one of the strong points of this 2021 competitive at the highest level, a bittersweet premiere with Yone, Galio and Zoe as main picks but without big flashes despite Cloud9’s 2-1 in the superweek.

The revolution in the transfer market marked by the departure of Perkz from G2 Esports to North America completely changed the concept of one of the most established stars on the international scene of the LoL, a transfer that should make the difference between the best clubs in both regions… although for this to happen it must mature somewhat over time.

The failed debut in the first day came against Evil Geniuses with a too aggressive Yone that was very damaged by the support that the Syndra of Jiizuke received during the whole map, so the Croatian midlaner finished with a 4/7/2 too hard for a complicated debut in North America.

On the second day against FlyQuest he showed his more aggressive side despite having a supporting role with Galio (3/0/4) he completely marked a boring game in which C9 destroyed with a book stomp that ended 0-10 in kills…and without any interest from the beginning.

In spite of that that was better game in stats, since in the victory against Immortals it hardly appeared with Zoe (0/1/4) more than to attend in punctual moments to the Taliyah of Blaber, incredibly broken from the beginning of a red side in which it destroyed from beginning to end.

The most significant meme of the Cloud9 day global came with the friendly tweet of the Croatian on social networks after the day ended, a wink to Mithy and Zven for the connection of their present in NA with the past in G2 Esports: “a few years later and I’m still being carted around by Zven and Mithy”.

The Norwegian ADC was one of the team’s best in Cloud9’s two victories in the LCS superweek, but added to that is Mithy’s support as the team’s strategic coach, an unexpected move after leading Fnatic as head coach last season in the LEC.

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