Papara Supermassive could surprise in group A

Worlds is just around the corner and the vast majority of the public is unaware of the teams coming from the smaller regions. In this piece we tell you about the style of play of Machi Esports, a Wildcard team that is already in the group phase, and the teams in group A of the play-in. A group A that has MAD Lions and Team Liquid as favorites. However, Papara Supermassive could get in on the action.

It may be the team from a Wildcard region that has best adapted to the metagame. The pressure of the middle and waiting for the bottom line to climb, are the mark of the house of Machi Esports. The Taiwanese are the only team from a smaller region to have gone straight to the main event after winning the Pacific Championship Series 3-0 in the grand final against PSG Talon another Wildcard that fell to play-in.

Machi Esports

  • PK Orn / Renekton / Volibear
  • Gemini Lee Sin / Graves / Volibear
  • M1ssion Zoe / Syndra / Orianna
  • Bruce Ashe / Ezreal / Kalista
  • Koala Nautilus / Leona / Bardo

Legacy Esports

The Australian quintet comes from dominating the Oceanic Professional League all year round. Legacy Esports is perhaps the team that plays the furthest away from the metagame. Their style does not focus on the mid-jungle duo to take advantage. Legacy puts all its resources at the disposal of Topoon the player in the top lane who is the most talented by far of the quintet.

  • Topoon Orn / Ganplank / Renekton
  • Babip Nidalee / Bass / Trundle
  • Halo Karma / Twisted Fate / Gallium
  • Raes Ezreal / Caitlyn / Kalista
  • Isles Bardo / Lux / Taric


If there is something to highlight about the Carioca group, it is their marked and aggressive style in the first minutes. The CBLOL champions have a style similar to SuperMassive but the people in charge of leading the team to victory are in other roles. MicaO, the Brazilian shooter, has a lot of weight in the Carioca team, as does Envy.

  • Tay Renekton / Volibear / Camille
  • Shini Trundle / Sett / Gragas
  • Envy Orianna / Twisted Fate / Lucian
  • micaO Ezreal / Ashe / Kalista
  • RedBert Nautilus / Leona / Bardo

Papara SuperMassive

The Turkish team is characterized by playing very well in the early stages of the map. A map that leads the mythical KaKAO from the jungle making an excellent pair with Bolulu. This metagame comes as a glove to a KaKAO who is entrusted with the rest of his teammates and surely we will see him with champions who can pull the game. But Snowflower is the one who usually takes the lead with supports that allow him to start a fight easily and split the deck in his favor.

  • Armut Orn / Aatrox / Renekton
  • KaKAO Nidalee / Graves / Olaf
  • Bolulu Zoe / Galio / Azir
  • Zeitnot Caitlyn / Aphelios / Kalista
  • Snowflower Nautilus / Tahm Kench / Blitzcrank

Machi Esports and Papara Supermassive the best wildcards

Machi Esports is already directly involved in the group stage of Worlds and could therefore be the wildcard team that goes the furthest in Worlds. They have a difficult group against G2 Esports, Suning and a rival that is yet to be determined in the play-in. They will probably fall in the group phase but could scratch a map and put the favourites in trouble.

On the other hand, Papara Supermassive has the most ballots to pass from the play-in of the teams coming from the minor regions. It’s a very aggressive team that may well make a big splash and leave out Team Liquid, which has not come from making the best of the LCS seasons. Neither can you trust MAD Lions who have to get into a better rhythm and feeling if they want to go far in these Worlds.


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