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Overwatch 2 Shop Rotation and Shop Reset Countdown

The Overwatch 2 in-game shop provides a dynamic retail experience, constantly updating its offerings to maintain engagement among players. With a system that introduces fresh content alongside familiar favorites, the shop ensures that gamers always have something new to look forward to. These updates occur on a regular basis, earmarked by daily, weekly, and seasonal changes, making it essential for aficionados to stay informed about when these shifts take place.

Items tailored to individual preferences, labeled as „Just for You,“ give a personalized touch, altering with the heroes a player chooses most often. The broader inventory, accessible to all players, undergoes systematic resets, bringing a mix of novel and recurring cosmetics to the virtual shelves. Keeping track of the Overwatch 2 shop's reset schedule is crucial for those eager to snag the latest skins or strike nostalgia with a returning look.

Overwatch 2 Shop Update Schedule

The primary storefront for Overwatch 2 typically refreshes its content weekly. The upcoming rotation is scheduled for April 9, 2024.

  • Next Reset: April 9, 2024
  • Frequency: Weekly

Today's Offerings in Overwatch 2's In-Game Store

Current Bundles:

  • Demon Spawn Bundle
  • Gargoyle Winston Collection
  • Cultist Zenyatta Set
  • Evermore Reaper Compilation

Featured Skins:

  • Fiend Orisa
  • Dark Faun Lucio

Additional Content:

  • Unlock 10 Levels of Battle Pass

The store also premiered a „Just for You“ section on January 16, which refreshes with the weekly cycle, purchasable with Overwatch Credits.

Overwatch 2 Seasonal Shop Update

  • Season 9 Offers:
    • Ultimate Bundle: Includes Battle Pass with 20 Level Advancements
    • Premium Pass: Access to exclusive Season 9 content
    • Invasion Set: Special themed bundle

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Overwatch League Bundles and Skins

  • Availability: Exclusive in-game cosmetics
  • Requirement: 150 Overwatch League Tokens per skin
  • Team Focus: Skins available via specific team storefronts
  • Collection: Represent favorite teams with unique designs

Overwatch 2 Hard Light Weapon Skins

  • Availability: Briefly available from December 19, removed shortly after, and made a comeback on December 20.
  • Notable Skins: Featured for characters Reinhardt, Reaper, and Mercy.
  • Last Seen: Accessible through January 2.
  • Future Availability: Expected to reappear in the shop at later dates.

Overview of „Los Muertos“ Weapons in Overwatch 2

  • Available Since: March 26
  • Characters: Soldier: 76, Junkrat
  • Availability: As bundles and singles
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