Origin dies again, Astralis loads the brand and xPeke

The flight from Origin to the League of Legends elite crashes at first sight with an internal rebranding to place Astralis as the main axis of the brand, a move to expand the brand and make it unique in all video games from this very moment.

The history of Origen in the League of Legends has as many deaths as lives xPeke finds in the process of reviving an ‘R’ that has gone around the world within the Riot Games MOBA, but now makes way for its big brother after the past merger to focus on it from Astralis.

With a firm idea of converting all their brands into one to focus the message on oneself from social networks to marketing, both Origen in the League of Legends and Future FC in FIFA stand aside to make way for that famous red star that symbolizes the ‘A’ of the Danish team.

As far as technical decisions are concerned, the most notable is the joint march of Deficio and above all xPeke, the latter movement undoubtedly striking because of what it means to definitively expel the living representation of Origen and its fans. The Spaniard leaves the team although he will continue as a shareholder with a stake in Astralis Group.

AoD will remain as the team’s main coach and the surprise is that for now they do not know what Guilhoto’s role will be in the team (to be determined), but according to his words in social networks it seems that there will be a new project in the short term.

It is impossible to know for sure if the decision to fish Origen in the past was just a marketing action to become strong in the future and to keep all those fans who have always been behind the team, in fact the third LEC franchise with more visualizations.

With the franchise imposed on LEC, it is increasingly difficult to imagine an extra life for Origen in the coming years of League of Legends, although who knows, we have been months with the meme of the transfer of xPeke to G2 Esports and it seemed impossible until Astralis has exploited the scene. Anything can happen.

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